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Music CDs Artists D - F


Artist Artist CD Title Date
Dagda Celtic Trance 1999

Daley A Drop Of The Irish - Irish Songs And Ballads 1992

Dalriada Brothers Farewell To Ireland 1991

Jackie Daly Eavesdropper
Jackie Daly Jackie Daly and Seamus Creagh
Jackie Daly Many's A Wild Night
Jackie Daly Music From Sliabh Luachra

Dan Air Scottish Pipe Band Best of Scottish Pipes & Drums [Import] 1994

Dancer's Dream Celtic Mystery Tour 1998

Mychael Danna A Celtic Tale 1996
Mychael Danna A Celtic Romance: The Legend Of Liadain... 1998

Dennis Day Irish Favorites By Dennis Day 1997

De Danann A Jacket of Batteries
De Danann Ballroom
De Danann Blasta! The Irish Traditional Music Special
De Dannan Celtic Collections: De Danann 1997
De Danann Half Set in Harlem
De Danann Hibernian Rhapsody
De Danann Song for Ireland 1990
De Danann The Best of De Danann
De Danann The Star Spangled Molly

Deanta Celtic Treasure: The Legacy Of... 1996
Deanta Deanta
Deanta Putting On Airs
Deanta Putumayo Presents: A Celtic Collection
Deanta Ready For The Storm
Deanta Whisper Of A Secret

Dear Old Erin's Isle Irish Traditional Music From 1992

Michael Deep Thru The Harp 1997

Katrien Delavier Irish Harp [Import] 1994
Katrien Delavier Irish Harps [Import] 1995

Joe Derrane Give Us Another
Joe Derrane Irish Accordian 1995
Joe Derrane Irish Accordion 1995
Joe Derrane Irish Accordion Masters 1996
Joe Derrane Return to Inis Mor
Joe Derrane Tie That Binds

John Doherty The Celebrated Recordings
Doherty Ireland Dance Music 1997

Dolan Ballinasloe Fair: Early Irish... 1997

Dordan Celtic Christmas 1998
Dordan Irish Traditional & Baroque 1992
Dordan Irish Traditional & Baroque [Import] 1994

Mike Douglas You Don't Have To Be Irish: Mike Douglas Sings... 1995

Douglas Ford & The Gordon... Pipes And Drums Of Scotland 1996

Dover Celtic Spirit (Narada) 1996
Connie Dover If Ever I Return
Connie Dover The Wishing Well

Morton Downey The Irish Nightingale 1996

Doyle Faces Of The Harp: Celtic & Contemporary 1997

Jones Dresher Annie Laurie & Other Celtic Ballads 1998

Druidstone, Aine Minogue The Vow: An Irish Wedding Celebration 1999

Bagad Du Moulin Pipes And Drums From Celtic Britanny [Import] 1999

Dublin Rovers Celtic Dance 1999

Dubliners Celtic Collections: The Dubliners 1997
Dubliners Legends Of Ireland 1998
Dubliners Songs From Ireland: Greatest Hits 1996
Dubliners Favorite Irish & British Pub Songs [Box Set] 2000
Dubliners The Best Of The Dubliners: Irish Favorites 1992

Brian Dullaghan Songs Of Old Ireland: Vol. 1 1998
Brian Dullaghan When Irish Eyes Are Smiling 1998

Dunvant Male Choir A Welsh Celebration For Band And Choir [Import] 1997

Ecosse Vol. 2-Breath of Scotland [Import] 1994

Eden's Bridge Celtic Psalms 1998
Eden's Bridge Celtic Worship 1998

Edinburgh Military Tatoo The Best Of Scotland - In Music & Song 1995

Seamus Egan A Week in January
Seamus Egan In Your Ear
Seamus Egan Traditional Music of Ireland 1995
Seamus Egan When Juniper Sleeps

Elizabeth Ely My Harp Has A Voice 1998

Emerald Girls Pipe Band, Liam Rowsome Irish Fiddles & Pipes [Import]

Emerald Isle Singers Memories of Ireland 1994

Enaid & Einalem Celtic Nights 1998
Enaid & Einalem Celtic Yuletide 1998

English & Scottish Folk Ballad English & Scottish Folk Ballads [Import] 1996

Seamus Ennis Best of Irish Piping 1995
Seamus Ennis The Bonny Bunch of Roses
Seamus Ennis The Wandering Minstrel

Ensemble Choral Du Bout Du Noels Celtiques: Celtic Christmas Music... 1998

Enya Box of Dreams [Import]
Enya Exile [CD-Single] [Import]
Enya Interview
Enya Only If [CD-Single]
Enya Orinoco Flow [CD-Single] [Import]
Enya Paint the Sky With Stars [Import]
Enya Paint the Sky with Stars: The Best of Enya
Enya Shepherd Moons
Enya Storms in Africa Ep [Import]
Enya The Celts
Enya The Memory Of Trees
Enya Watermark

Ernestine Tender Harp Strings 1999

Ethiopia Ethiopia: Harp Of Apollo 1994

Evan & Guy Carawan Appalachian & Irish Tunes On Hammered Dulcimer 1992
Evans Irish Reels Jigs Airs & Hornpi 1991

Kieran Fahy Traditional Irish Music-Midnig [Import] 1994
Kierna Fahy Midnight on the Water
Kierna Fahy Woman From Tuam

John Faulkner Broken Hearted I'll Wander
John Faulkner Farewell to Erin
John Faulkner Sail Og Rua

Michael Feeney Holiday in Ireland 1991

Festival of Irish Folk Festival Of Irish Folk 1997

Jerry Fielding A Little Bit Of Ireland 1994

Alec Finn Blue Shamrock: Irish Airs... 1997
Alec Finn Frankie Gavin & Alec Finn

First Battalion Queen's Own... Pipes And Drums From Scotland... [Import] 1999

Sharon Fisher Ireland-Land of Harp & Song 1999

Flute Guitar & Harp Flute, Guitar And Harp Of The Andes 1994

Andy J Forest Cat on a Hot Tin Harp 1998

Forty Irish Melodies 40 Irish Melodies 1994

Forty Scottish Melodies 40 Scottish Melodies 1996

Forty-Eighth Highlanders Scotland the Brave-Bagpipe's 1993

Foster & Allen Ireland 1996

France Hurdy-Gurdy Abd Bagpipes 1996
France Landes of Gascony-The Bagpipes 1996

Connie Francis Sings Irish Favorites 2000
Lisa Franco Celtic Renaissance 1998

Aryeh Frankfurter Lest The Harp Strings Unravel... 1998

Alasdair Fraser Portrait Of A Scottish Fiddler 1996

From the Irish Tradition From the Irish Tradition [Import] 1994

Cheryl Ann Fulton The Once & Future Harp 1994

Finbar Furey Boatman
Finbar Furey Dawning of the Day
Finbar Furey Irish Folk Music
Finbar Furey Wind & the Rain

Fureys Celtic Collections: The Fureys 1997
Fureys Celtic Dreams: Best Of 1996