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Artist Artist CD Title Date
Badad Kadoudal Bombardes & Bagpipes From Brittany [Import] 1994

Keane A Celtic Tapestry 1996
Keane The Cream Of New Irish Music Vol. 2 1999
Dolores Keane Broken Hearted I'll Wander
Dolores Keane Farewell to Erin
Dolores Keane Sail Og Rua

James Keane Roll Away the Reel World
James Keane That's the Spirit
James Keane With Friends Like These

Rita Keane At The Setting Of The Sun

Sean Keane Contentment Is Wealth
Sean Keane Turn A Phrase

Paddy Keenan Celtic Gold
Paddy Keenan Poirt an Phiobaire

Georgia Kelly Perennials: The Georgia Kelly Harp... 1996

James Kelly Traditional Music Of Ireland 1995

Kennedy New Celtic Dimensions 1999
Sharon Kennedy Irish Folk Tales For Children 1996

Kennedy/Ni Mhaohaigh Altan
Kennedy/Ni Mhaohaigh Ceol Aduaidh

Tony Kenny Best From Ireland 1993
Tony Kenny Sings Danny Boy & Other Irish 1993

Khomus Jew's Harp Music of the Turkic 1995

Kilfenora Ceili Band True Songs Of Ireland [Import] 1994

David Kincaid The Irish Volunteer: Songs Of The Irish Union Soldier 1861-1865 1998

Kincross & District Pipe Band Scottish Pipes & Drums [Import] 1996

King's Own Scottish Borderers The Spirit Of Scotland [Import] 1997

Alison Kinnaird The Harp Key 1996
Alison Kinnaird The Scottish Harp 1992

John Kirkpatrick Plain Capers - Morris Dance Tunes
John Kirkpatrick A Short History of John Kirkpatrick

Kirtley Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar Vol. 2: The Blarney Pilgrim 1998

Kiss Me I'm Irish Kiss Me I'm Irish 1994

Liz Knowles The Celtic Fiddle Of Liz Knowles 1998

Daniel Kobialka Celtic Fantasy 1995
Daniel Kobialka Celtic Quilt 1997

Ken Kolodner Walking Stones: A Celtic Sojourn 1997

Kornog Ar Seizh Avel (On Seven Winds)
Kornog Premiere: Music From Brittany

Gerard Kremer Irelande/Ireland: Irish Harp, "Pub Music" [Import] 1994

Gary Lakes Ireland, Mother Ireland 1999

Chuck Lange Yuletide Harp 2000

James Last Rose of Tralee & Other Irish Favourites [Import] 1995

Lazy Lester Harp And Soul 1988

Thomas Loefke Norland Wind: Harp Music From The Celtic Northwest 1997

Alan Lomax World Library Of Folk & Primitive Music, Vol. 2: Ireland 1998

Los Calchakis Harp & Marimbas [IMPORT] 1994

Los Cara Quirpa Indian Harp Paraguay - Venezuela [IMPORT] 1994

Los Duarte Paraguay Harp of Los Duarte 1996

Kathleen Loughnane Affairs of the Harp [Import] 1998

Donal Lunny Coolfin
Donal Lunny Donal Lunny

Manus Lunny At It Again
Manus Lunny Dublin Lady

Lisa Lynne Daughters Of The Celtic Moon 1998

Mac & O' To My Children I'm Irish 1995

Ciaran Mac Gowan Peace A Song For Northern Ireland.

Ewan MacColl Scottish Drinking & Pipe Songs 1991

Sydney Macewan Songs of Scotland 1999

Paul Machlis Green Woods-Upon A Celtic Path 1998

Joan Mackenzie Vol. 19-Gaelic Song-Scottish T [Import] 1999

Sasha MacKenzie Songs For Celtic Harp 1993

Maclean A Celtic Collection 1996
Joe MacLean Old Time Scottish Fiddle Music... 1998

Jim Macleod All Star Scottish Dance Band [Import] 1997
Jim MacLeod Scottish Tour [Import] 1995

John Macnally Favourite Irish Ballads [Import] 1998

Flora MacNeil Craobh Nan Ubhal

Column MacOireachtaigh Celtic Pride 1997

Macphee Heart Of Scotland: A Collection Of Traditional... 1998

Mac-Talla Mairidh Gaol Is Ceol

Madden Gentle Breeze: Celtic Music For Flute & Whistle 1998
Joanie Madden Song Of The Irish Whistle 2 1999
Joanie Madden Song Of The Irish Whistle 1996
Joanie Madden A Whistle On the Wind

Tommy Makem Live At The Irish Pavilion 1993
Makem Irish Pipe & Tin Whistle Songs 1994

Tony Malone Irish Rebels' Songs [Import] 1994

Maracaibo Ensemble Flute, Harp & Guitars [IMPORT] 1994

Jon Mark Celtic Story 1995
Jon Mark The Leaving Of Ireland 1999

John Mason The Scottish Fiddler's Rally 1999

Mcbride Taste of Ireland 1998

Frank Mccaffrey An Irish Lullaby [Import] 1999

Mccalmans Songs From Scotland [Import] 1993

Jim McCann Grace & Other Irish Love Songs 1997

Carol McClure Christmas Harp 1992
Carol McClure Holiday Harp
Carol McClure Hymns of Hope for Harp

Billy McComiskey Makin' the Rounds

Mccormack Vintage Anthology of 25 Irish 1996
John Mccormack Voice of Ireland 1998

Bill McCue Visits The Heart Of Scotland [Import] 1995

Johnny Mcevoy Sings Country and Irish [Import] 1998

Andy McGann Masters of Irish Music: It's a Hard Road to Travel 1995
Andy McGann A Tribute to Michael Coleman
Andy McGann Andy McGann & Paddy Reynolds
Andy McGann It's A Hard Road To Travel
Andy McGann The Funny Reel

McGilligan's Party Band Songs From Ireland 1997

Joe McKenna The Best of Joe & Antoinette McKenna
Joe McKenna The Open Door

Mckennitt Celtic Woman 1999
Loreena McKennitt The Book Of Secrets
Loreena McKennitt Elemental
Loreena McKennitt The Mask And Mirror
Loreena McKennitt Mummer's Dance [CD-Single]
Loreena McKennitt Parallel Dreams
Loreena McKennitt To Drive The Cold Winter Away
Loreena McKennitt The Visit
Loreena McKennitt A Winter Garden [EP]
Loreena McKennitt The Mummer's Dance [Import] [CD-Single]
Loreena McKennitt A Winter Garden [Import]

McKnights 'Irish Crossroads' 1999

Coulter Mclaughlin Celtic Requiem 1998

Noel McLaughlin 20 Best of Ireland [Import] 1994
Noel McLaughlin 20 Best of Scotland [Import] 1994

Carey Mcloughlin Ireland-The Music [Import] 1996

Noel Mcloughlin Best of Ireland [Import] 1994
Noel Mcloughlin Ireland-The Songs [Import] 1996
Noel Mcloughlin Famous Irish Ballads-No Matter [Import] 1995

Katie McMahon After The Morning

El McMeen Irish Guitar Encores 1992

Brian McNeil The Busker & The Devil's Only Daughter
Brian McNeil Back O' The North Wind
Brian McNeil Monksgate
Brian McNeil No Gods

Melodies of Ireland Melodies of Ireland 1996

Memories of Ireland Memories of Ireland 1998

Memphis Harp & Jug Blowers Memphis Harp & Jug Blowers 1927-1939 1994

Alicia Merritt Celtic Dream 1997

Michael Irish Feeny Band Music Of Ireland 1995

Milestone at the Garden Milestone At The Garden: Irish Fiddle Masters From The 78 RPM Era 1996

Milladoiro Castellum Honesti: Celtic Music From Spain 1991
Milladoiro As Fadas De Estrano Nome
Milladoiro Galicia No Tempo

Will Millar Celtic Reverie: Women Of Ireland 1996
Will Millar Celtic Seasons Of Enchantment 1998
Will Millar Songs From My Irish Rovings 1998

Dave Miller I Love Irish Fiddle Music 1997

Eddie Miller Eddie Miller With The Alex Welsh Jazz... 1999

Mitch Miller Favorite Irish Sing-Alongs 1992

Dan Milner Irish Ballads & Songs of the S 1999

Minogue Celtic Spirit 1999
Minogue Celtic Visions 1999
Aine Minogue Between the Worlds
Aine Minogue Circle of the Sun

Mist of Thyme Brave Harp 1999

Bruce Mitchell Celtic Destiny 1996

John Mock Celtic Portraits

Mojo Buford Home Is Where My Harp Is 1998

Matt Molloy Celtic Gold
Matt Molloy Contentment Is Wealth
Matt Molloy Heathery Breeze
Matt Molloy Matt Molloy
Matt Molloy Matt Molloy/Paul Brady/Tommy Peoples
Matt Molloy Music At Matt Molloy's
Matt Molloy Shadows On Stone
Matt Molloy Stony Steps

Mick Moloney Mick Moloney with Eugene O'Donnell
Mick Moloney Slow Airs and Set Dances
Mick Moloney Strings Attached
Mick Moloney Uncommon Bonds
Mick Moloney 3 Way Street
Mick Moloney Kilkelly
Mick Moloney There Were Roses

Molony Celtic Winds: Irish Music In America 1998

Eileen Monger The Celtic Harp [Import] 1999

Moore Celtic Graces: A Best Of Ireland 1995
Harnish Moore The Bees Knees
Harnish Moore Farewell to Decorum
Harnish Moore Stepping On The Bridge

Kathy Bundock Moore The Jackson Berkey Harp Book
Moore Celtic Graces: A Best Of Ireland 1995

Melissa Morgan Erin's Harp 1996

Van Morrison Irish Heartbeat [Original Recording Remastered] 1998

Moving Cloud Foxglove
Moving Cloud Moving Cloud

Moving Hearts The Storm

Mullen The Minstrel Boy: Irish Singers Of Great Renown 1992

Colm Murphy Bodram-Irish Drum [Import] 1996

Pat Murphy Bring Me Ireland For Christmas 1996
Pat Murphy Irish Jamboree

Ruby Murray When Irish Eyes Ar Smiling/Iri [Import] 1997
Ruby Murray When Irish Eyes Are Smiling/Irish... [Import] 1997

Music & Song of Scotland Music & Song of Scotland [Import] 1993

Music in the World of Islam Reeds & Bagpipes/Drums & Rhyth [Import] 1994

Music of Ireland Traditional Music Of Ireland 1997
Music of Ireland Music of Ireland 1997

Music of Scotland Music of Scotland 2000
Music of Scotland Traditional Music Of Scotland 1997

Musselwhite Got Harp If You Want It 1991