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Artist Artist CD Title Date
Na Fili, Cherish the Ladies Irish Traditional Music [Import] 1997

Nature & Music Celtic Moon 1998
Nature & Music Celtic Romance 1998
Nature & Music Celtic Christmas 2000

Dave Neiman Balance On Air: English And Irish Music Featuring Two Hammered Dulcimers 1997

Abby Newton Crossing To Scotland 1997

Maire Ni Chathasaigh The New Strung Harp 1997

Maighread Ni Dhomhnaill No Dowry

Triona Ni Dhomhnaill Triona
Triona Ni Mhaonaigh Altan
Triona Ni Mhaonaigh Ceol Aduaidh

Noirin Ni Riain Celtic Soul 1998

Nightnoise Celtic Christmas 1999

Nomadic Chef Series Music & Recipes Of Ireland 1999

Paddy Noonan A Musical Taste Of Ireland 1993
Paddy Noonan Irish Party 1993
Paddy Noonan Paddy Noonan Irish Party 1994
Paddy Noonan Sing Me an Old Irish Song 1993
Paddy Noonan Irish Dew 1996
Paddy Noonan Scottish Party 1993
Noonan 50 Irish Party Sing-A-Longs 1993

North Sea Gas Power of Scotland [Import] 1996
North Sea Gas Scottish Destiny [Import] 1995

Northeast Winds Ireland By Sail 1996

Triona Northumbrian Small Pipes The Northumbrian Small Pipes

Laurence Nugent Traditional Irish Music On Flute & Tin... 1996

Nunez Celtic Wave 1998

Sean O Riada Mise Eire (I Am Ireland) (Shanachi) 1992

Antoni O'Breskey My Irish Portrait 1998

Dermot O'Brien Evergreen: Irish American Favorites 1996

Paddy O'Brien Stranger At The Gate
Paddy O'Brien The Banks of the Shannon

Darach O'Cathain Traditional Irish Unaccompanied Singing 1992

Robbie O'Connell Clancy, O'Connell & Clancy
Robbie O'Connell Never Learned to Dance
O'Connor Celtic Angels 1997

Daniel O'Donnell Irish Collection 1997

Eugene O'Donnell Mick Moloney with Eugene O'Donnell
Eugene O'Donnell Slow Airs & Set Dances

Barry O'Down 20 Irish Favorites 1994

O'Farrell Maidens of the Celtic Harp 1997

Danny O'Flaherty Irish Christmas 1997

O'Flynn Celtic Christmas IV 1998
Liam O'Flynn Brendan Voyage
Liam O'Flynn Given Note
Liam O'Flynn Out to an Other Side

Helen O'Hara Night in Ireland 1998

Mary O'Hara Down By The Glenside: Songs Of Ireland 1997
Mary O'Hara A Song For Ireland 1993
Mary O'Hara Irish Traditional Folk Songs 1994
Mary O'Hara Sings Irish Songs 1998

O'Keefe Kerry Fiddles

Johnny O'Leary Trooper

One Hundred Thirty Irish Party 30 Great Irish Party Singalongs [BOX SET] 1995

Sean O'Neill 50 Irish Party Songs 1996
Sean O'Neill 50 Irish Sing-A-Long Favorites 1996
Sean O'Neill Irish Drinking Songs 1996
Sean O'Neill 50 Favorite Irish Pub Songs 1996

Open House Hoof and Mouth
Open House Second Story

Rudiger Oppermann Unchain My Harp 1998

Orealis Celtic Music-Musique Celtique 1992

O'Reilly Consort Celtic Christmas 1998

Sean O'Riada Le Sean O Se Agus Ceoltoiri Cualann
Sean O'Riada Mise Eire
Sean O'Riada O Riada

Orion Celtic Legacy: A Global Celtic Journey 1995

Orison Celtic & Contemporary Instrumental Music 1994

Stephanie Osborne Victorian Harp 1998

Ossian Carrying Strea

Michael O'Suilleabhain Michael O Suilleabhain

Jerry O'Sullivan The Gift
Jerry O'Sullivan The Invasion

Paddy MacNamara's Band Irish Party 1997

Hugo Pamcos Paraguayan Harp [Import] 1996

Lori Pappajohn Celtic Harp for Christmas 1999
Lori Pappajohn Celtic Harp of Dreams 1999

Rupert Parker Double Harp [Import] 1995

David Parkes Memories of Ireland [Import] 1998

Frank Patterson I Can Almost See Ireland From Here 1997
Frank Patterson Ireland's Golden Tenor: Ireland In Song 1999
Frank Patterson Love Songs From Ireland 1998
Frank Patterson My Irish Molly O 1993

Tommy Peoples High Part of the Road
Tommy Peoples The Iron Man

Roberto Perera Harp And Soul [ECD] 1996

Carl Peterson I Love Sing-Along Irish Pub Favorites 1998

Murray Peterson I Love Scottish Sing-Along Fav 1998

Pied Pipers Scottish & Irish Music [Import] 1994

Dougie Pincock Something Blew

Pipes & Drums of Ireland Pipes And Drums Of Ireland [Import] 1996
Pipes & Drums of Scotland Pipes And Drums Of Scotland [Import] 1994

Pipes of Scotland Pipes of Scotland [Import] 1995

Planxty After the Break
Planxty Cold Blow And The Rainy Night
Planxty The Planxty Collection
Planxty Legends of Ireland
Planxty Planxty
Planxty The Well Below The Valley
Planxty The Woman I Loved So Well
Planxty Words And Music

Playing With Fire Playing With Fire: The Celtic Fiddle Collection 1992

Polonska Celtic Volume 2 1995
Polonski Celtic 1995

Brendan Power New Irish Harmonica 1995

Jennifer Pratt-Walter Ancient Realms (Celtic Harp) 1998

Pride of Murray Pipe Band Best of Scottish Pipes & Drums [Import] 1994

Maddy Prior Silly Sisters
Maddy Prior Summer Solstice
Maddy Prior Changing Wind
Maddy Prior Flesh & Blood
Maddy Prior Hang Up Sorrow & Care
Maddy Prior Memento: The Best of Maddy Prior
Maddy Prior Woman In The Wings
Maddy Prior Year
Maddy Prior Carols and Capers

Queen's Royal Pipe Band Best of Scottish Pipes & Drums [Import] 1997

Queen's Royal Pipers Best of Scottish Pipes & Drums
Queen's Royal Pipers Journey Continues: Best of Scottish Pipes & Drums
Queen's Royal Pipers Royal Pipers on Parade
Queen's Royal Pipers Best of Scottish Pipes & Drums [Import] 1995

Frank Quinn If You Are Irish 1997
Quinn Popular Songs From Ireland (1925-1940) [Import] 1997