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Artist Artist CD Title Date
Ratzenbeck Celtic: Colors Of The World 1998

Reel Time Reeltime

Regimental Emblems I Love Scottish Music 1998

Alan Reid The Sunlit Eye

Sandra Reid Hal-An-Tow: Songs Of The Six Celtic Nations 1995

Paddy Reilly Celtic Collections: Paddy Reilly 1997

Relativity Gathering Pace
Relativity Relativity

Relaxing With Scents & Sounds Soothing Harp 1999

Revels Celtic Roads 1998

Bonnie Rideout Celtic Circles 1994
Bonnie Rideout A Scottish Christmas 1998

Eric Rigler Celtic Pipes & Strings [Import] 1999

Laura Risk Celtic Dialogue 1999

Kim Robertson Treasures Of The Celtic Harp 1995

Paul Robeson Freedom Train And The Welsh Transatlantic Concert 1998

Jill Rogoff The Celtic Cradle 1995

Rough Guide Rough Guide To Irish Music [Import] 1996
Rough Guide Rough Guide To Scottish Music [Import] 1996

Leo Rowsome Classics of Irish Piping [Import] 1994

Royal Festival Pops Orchestra Destination Ireland 1997

Royal Highland Fusiliers Band Scotland the Brave 1995

Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Scottish Salute 1995

Russell Family The Russell Family of Doolin, County Clare

Bleizi Ruz Celtic Trip 1998

Sean Ryan Minstril's Fancy
Sean Ryan Take the Air

Sadistic Intent Slaughter In Memory Of...Celtic Frost 1996

Sailpin, Dublin Ramblers Whiskey In The Jar From Ireland 1991

Sanctuary By Celtic Waters V.5 [IMPORT]

Tommy Sands Down By Bendy's Lane: Irish Songs & Stories For... 1993

Maggie Sansone Music In The Great Hall: Instrumental Music From The Ancient Celtic Lands 1993
Maggie Sansone A Traveler's Dream: Celtic Explorations 1999

Dick Schory Music for Bang Baaroom & Harp 2000
Dick Schory Music for Bang Baaroom & Harp [IMPORT] 1996

Scotland Accordion Harp & Fiddle [IMPORT] 1994
Scotland Scottish Bagpipes 1996
Scotland Scottish Bagpipes & Drums [BOX SET] 1995
Scotland Scottish Bagpipes 1996
Scotland Scottish Bagpipes & Drums [Box Set] 1995

Scotland's Dances & Marches Scotland Dances & Marches [Import] 1994

Scots Guards, Strathclyde Police Pipers Amazing Grace & Other Scottish Favorites 1998

Tommy Scott Pipes & Strings of Scotland (vol 2) 1995
Tommy Scott Pipes And Strings Of Scotland 1995
Tommy Scott Scotland Forever [Import] 1995

Scottish & Irish Sea Songs Scottish & Irish Sea Songs 1997

Scottish (General Collections) Scottish Bagpipes & Drums
Scottish (General Collections) Scottish Country Dances: Jigs Waltzes & Reels
Scottish (General Collections) Scottish Pipes & Drums
Scottish (General Collections) Scottish Traditional Fiddle Music

Scottish Bagpipes & Drums Scottish Bagpipes And Drums 1996
Scottish Bagpipes & Drums Scottish Bagpipes And Drums 1996

Scottish Gas Caledonian Pipe B Scottish Gas Caledonian Pipe B [Import] 1993

Scottish National Pipe & Drum Music Of Scotland 1995

Scottish Pipes & Drums Scottish Pipes And Drums [Import] 1994

Scottish Tradition Vol. 1-Bothy Ballads [Import]
Scottish Tradition Vol. 2-Music From the Western [Import]
Scottish Tradition Vol. 3-Waulking Songs From Bar [Import]
Scottish Tradition Vol. 4-Shetland Fiddle Music [Import]
Scottish Tradition Vol. 9-Fiddler & His Art [Import]

Scottish Traditional Fiddle Mu, Scotland's Greatest Scottish Traditional Fiddle Mu 1997

Shamrock Singers When Irish Eyes Are Smiling 2000
Shamrock Singers When Irish Eyes Are Smiling [Import] 1998

Shanachie Wax Irish 1998

Sharon Shannon Each Little Thing
Sharon Shannon Out The Gap
Sharon Shannon Sharon Shannon

Shanon Celtic Classics II: The Enchanted... 1997
Shanon Celtic Classics: An Enchanted Journey 1995

Dean Shostak Celtic Crystal 1997

Sileas Beating Harps
Sileas Delighted With Harps
Sileas Play On Light

Silly Wizard The Best of Silly Wizard
Silly Wizard Caledonia's Hardy Sons
Silly Wizard A Glint of Silver
Silly Wizard Kiss the Tears Away
Silly Wizard Live Wizardry
Silly Wizard So Many Partings
Silly Wizard Wild and Beautiful
Silly Wizard Paradies

Simpson Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar Vol. 1: Ramble To Cashel 1998

Sliabh Notes Sliabh Notes

Tommy Smith Beasts Of Scotland 1996

Smithfield Fair Scattered Seeds of Scotland 1997

Social Harp The Social Harp - Early American Shape-Note Songs 1994

Songs From Ireland Best of Irish Songwriters [Import] 1995

Songs of Ireland Songs Of Ireland 1995
Songs of Ireland Songs Of Ireland [BOX SET] 1995

Songs of Irish Freedom Songs of Irish Freedom Vol. 1
Songs of Irish Freedom Songs of Irish Freedom Vol. 2

Soul of Ireland Soul Of Ireland 1996

Sounds of Scotland Sounds of Scotland 2000

Soundtrack Grass Harp 1996
Soundtrack Seven Murders for Scotland Yar 1996

Spailpin, Dublin Ramblers Here's To The Irish 1997

Steeleye Span Celtic Love Songs (Shanachie) 1998
Steeleye Span All Around My Hat
Steeleye Span Back In Line
Steeleye Span Below The Salt
Steeleye Span Best of [Import]
Steeleye Span Collected [Import]
Steeleye Span Commoners Crown [Import]
Steeleye Span Hark The Village Wait
Steeleye Span Horkstow Grange [Import]
Steeleye Span Live at Last [Import]
Steeleye Span Now We Are Six
Steeleye Span Original Masters [Import]
Steeleye Span Parcel Of Rogues
Steeleye Span Please To See The King
Steeleye Span Portfolio
Steeleye Span Rocket Cottage [Import]
Steeleye Span Sails of Silver [Import]
Steeleye Span Sails of Silver [Import]
Steeleye Span Spanning The Years
Steeleye Span Stack of Steeleye Span
Steeleye Span Storm Force 10 [Import]
Steeleye Span Tempted And Tried
Steeleye Span Ten Man Mop, Or Mr. Reservoir Butler Rides Again
Steeleye Span The Hills Of Greenmore: An Anthology [Import]
Steeleye Span The Hills Of Greenmore: An Anthology [Import]
Steeleye Span Time
Steeleye Span Tonight's The Night, Live!

Patricia Spero Lullaby Harp 1997
Patricia Spero Medieval Harp 1997
Patricia Spero Romantic Harp 1994
Patricia Spero Winter Harp 1997

Spillane Celtic Dance 1997

Isla St. Clair Scenes of Scotland [Import] 1996

Annette Stapleton Songs of an Irish Colleen 1995

Peter Sterling Harp Magic 2000

Andy Stewart Scotland [Import] 1995
Andy Stewart Andy's Scottish Party [Import] 1995
Andy Stewart At It Again
Andy Stewart By The Hush
Andy Stewart Donegal Rain
Andy Stewart Dublin Lady
Andy Stewart Fire in the Glen
Andy Stewart Man in the Moon
Andy Stewart Scotland
Andy Stewart Songs of Robert Burns

John Stewart Live At The Turf Inn, Scotland 1996

Alan Stivell Celtic Symphony 1989

Stockton's Wing Celtic Collections: Stockton's Wing 1997

Stone Roses Crimson Tonight (Live in Ireland) [CD-Single] [Import] 1995

Stonehaven Pipe Band Spirit of Scotland [Import] 1996

Mary Strachan The Celtic Harp 1999

Street Celtic Reflections [Import] 1998
Patrick Street Irish Times 1992
Patrick Street Patrick Street
Street All In Good Time
Street Cornerboys
Street Irish Times
Street Made In Cork
Street No. 2 Patrick Street

Maireid Sullivan For Love's Caress: A Celtic Journey 1998