Rowan Leaf BagPipe Music

The Following BagPipe Music CDs have been arranged by Artist Last Name
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Artist Artist CD Title Date
Amazing Grace-Bagpipes & Drums 1999
Bagpipes & Drums of Scotland Bagpipes & Drums Of Scotland 1996
Bagpipes of Britain & Ireland Bagpipes Of Britain & Ireland 1996
Forty-Eighth Highlanders Scotland the Brave-Bagpipe's 1993
France Hurdy-Gurdy Abd Bagpipes 1996
France Landes of Gascony-The Bagpipes 1996
Franklin George Traditional Music For Banjo, Fiddle And Bagpipes 1993
Gordon Highlanders The Bagpipes & Drums Of Scotland 1991
Badad Kadoudal Bombardes & Bagpipes From Brittany [Import] 1994
Music in the World of Islam Reeds & Bagpipes/Drums & Rhyth [Import] 1994
Scotland Scottish Bagpipes 1996
Scotland Scottish Bagpipes & Drums [BOX SET] 1995
Scottish Bagpipes & Drums Scottish Bagpipes And Drums 1996
Various Artists The Art Of The Bagpipes From Thrace [Import] 1998
Various Artists Bagpipes & Drums/Scotland [Import] 1990