Rowan Leaf Celtic Music

The Following Celtic Music CDs have been arranged by Artist Last Name
These CDs are also listed by Artist in the Artist Section


Artist Artist CD Title Year
Altan Celtic Collections: Altan 1997
Miller Anderson Celtic Moon 1998
Anderson & Meis Celtic Spirit 1995
David Arkenstone Celtic Book Of Days 1998
Davey Arthur Celtic Side Saddle [Import] 1995

Patrick Ball Celtic Harp Vol. 1: The Music Of Turlough... 1987
Patrick Ball Celtic Harp Vol. 2: From A Distant Time 1989
Patrick Ball Celtic Harp Vol. 3: Secret Isles 1987
Patrick Ball Celtic Harp Vol. 4: O'Carolan's Dream 1989
Patrick Ball Celtic Harp-Fiona 1993
Patrick Ball Celtic Harp: The Christmas Rose 1995
Battlefield Band Celtic Folk: Live 1998
Battlefield Band Celtic Hotel 1992
Owen Baxter Celtic Country Rock 1999
Derek Bell A Celtic Evening 1998
Black Women Of The World: Celtic 1995
Golden Bough Celtic Music From Ireland Scot [Box Set] [Import] 1998
Maire Breatnach Celtic Lovers 1997
Seamus Brett Celtic Rhapsody 1998
Eden's Bridge Celtic Psalms 1998
Eden's Bridge Celtic Worship 1998
Celtic Brittany Celtic Brittany [Import] 1997
Kevin Burke The Celtic Fiddle Festival 1993
Kevin Burke Celtic Fiddle Festival: Encore 1998

Calverley Celtic Mysteries 1995
Calverley Celtic Mysteries II 1998
Michael Card Starkindler: A Celtic Conversation... 1998
Carroll Celtic Dances: Jigs And Reels From Ireland 1998
Cassidy Celtic Christmas III 1997
Glenside Ceili Band Celtic Pride Feat. Riverdance [Import] 1998
Celtic Celebration A Celtic Celebration 1995
Celtic Folk Festival Celtic Folk Festival 1996
Celtic Mouth Music Celtic Mouth Music 1997
Ancient Celtic Roots Ancient Celtic Roots [Import] 1996
Celtic Soul-Magic of Ireland Celtic Soul: The Magic Of...Vols. 1 & 2 [Box Set] 1999
Innisfree Ceoil Celtic Air Vol.2 [Import] 1996
Ceoltoiri Celtic Lace 1992
Levi Chen Celtic Zen 1997
Chieftains The Celtic Harp 1993
Chieftains Celtic Wedding 1998
Celtic Christmas Celtic Christmas [Box Set] 1998
Celtic Christmas Celtic Christmas 2000
Clannad Celtic Collections: Clannad 1997
Mychael Clement A Celtic Tale Narrated By Fiona Ritchie 1997
Na Connerys Celtic Sessions 1997
Connolly Celtic Woman [Import] 1996
O'reilly Consort Celtic Christmas 1998
Paul Consort New Celtic Moon 1998
Simon Cooper Celtic Heart-Story of Tristan 1997
Mclaughlin, Coulter Celtic Requiem 1998
Phil Coulter Celtic Collections: Phil Coulter 1997
Phil Coulter Celtic Horizons 1996
William Coulter Celtic Crossing 1995
William Coulter Celtic Sessions 1997
Coulter Celtic Voyage 1999
Countdown Orchestra Celtic Love Collection: Songs Inspired By Titanic 1998
Crossing The Court of a King: A Celtic Christmas Celebration 1998

Dagda Celtic Trance 1999
Mychael Danna A Celtic Tale 1996
Mychael Danna A Celtic Romance: The Legend Of Liadain... 1998
De Dannan Celtic Collections: De Danann 1997
Deanta Celtic Treasure: The Legacy Of... 1996
Dordan Celtic Christmas 1998
Dover Celtic Spirit (Narada) 1996
Doyle Faces Of The Harp: Celtic & Contemporary 1997
Dancer's Dream Celtic Mystery Tour 1998
Bagad Du Moulin Pipes And Drums From Celtic Britanny [Import] 1999
The Dubliners Celtic Collections: The Dubliners 1997

Enaid & Einalem Celtic Nights 1998
Enaid & Einalem Celtic Yuletide 1998
Ensemble Choral Du Bout Du Noels Celtiques: Celtic Christmas Music... 1998
Lisa Franco Celtic Renaissance 1998
The Fureys Celtic Collections: The Fureys 1997
The Fureys Celtic Dreams: Best Of 1996
Galway Celtic Christmas II 1997
Medwyn Goodall Clan-A Celtic Journey 1998
Greenfire A Celtic String Ensemble 1998

Claire Hamilton Celtic Harp Moods [Import] 1997
Claire Hamilton Love Is All Around-Celtic Harp Of... [Import] 1998
Barnes, Hampton Celtic [Box Set] 1997
Celtic Harp Celtic Harp 2000
Deborah Henson-Conant The Celtic Album 1998
Hesperus Celtic Roots 1999
Scott Hiltzik Celtic Nocturnes 1999
Therese Honey Mosaic: Celtic Harp 1997
Alison Hood Romantic Themes & Celtic Dreams... 1999
Horslips Celtic Collections: Horslips 1997
Paul Huellou Celtic Soundscape: Songs From Brittany 1996

William Jackson Celtic Experience 1998
William Jackson Vol. 2-Celtic Experience 1999
Dunster Jamie Celtic Ragas 1999
Jeff Johnson Music Of Celtic Legends 1997
Dresher, Jones Annie Laurie & Other Celtic Ballads 1998
Bronn Journey Celtic Journey
Keane A Celtic Tapestry 1996
Kennedy New Celtic Dimensions 1999
Kirtley Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar Vol. 2: The Blarney Pilgrim 1998
Liz Knowles The Celtic Fiddle Of Liz Knowles 1998
Daniel Kobialka Celtic Fantasy 1995
Daniel Kobialka Celtic Quilt 1997
Ken Kolodner Walking Stones: A Celtic Sojourn 1997

Thomas Loefke Norland Wind: Harp Music From The Celtic Northwest 1997
Lisa Lynne Daughters Of The Celtic Moon 1998
Paul Machlis Green Woods-Upon A Celtic Path 1998
Sasha MacKenzie Songs For Celtic Harp 1993
Maclean A Celtic Collection 1996
Column MacOireachtaigh Celtic Pride 1997
Madden Gentle Breeze: Celtic Music For Flute & Whistle 1998
Jon Mark Celtic Story 1995
Mckennitt Celtic Woman 1999
Alicia Merritt Celtic Dream 1997
Milladoiro Castellum Honesti: Celtic Music From Spain 1991
Will Millar Celtic Reverie: Women Of Ireland 1996
Will Millar Celtic Seasons Of Enchantment 1998
Minogue Celtic Spirit 1999
Minogue Celtic Visions 1999
Bruce Mitchell Celtic Destiny 1996
John Mock Celtic Portraits
Molony Celtic Winds: Irish Music In America 1998
Eileen Monger The Celtic Harp [Import] 1999
Moore Celtic Graces: A Best Of Ireland 1995

Nature & Music Celtic Moon 1998
Nature & Music Celtic Romance 1998
Nature & Music Celtic Christmas 2000
Noirin Ni Riain Celtic Soul 1998
Nightnoise Celtic Christmas 1999
Nunez Celtic Wave 1998
O'Connor Celtic Angels 1997
O'Farrell Maidens of the Celtic Harp 1997
O'Flynn Celtic Christmas IV 1998
Celtic Orchestra Celtic Inspiration 1996
Celtic Orchestra Celtic Moods 1995
Orealis Celtic Music-Musique Celtique 1992
Orion Celtic Legacy: A Global Celtic Journey 1995
Orison Celtic & Contemporary Instrumental Music 1994

Lori Pappajohn Celtic Harp for Christmas
Lori Pappajohn Celtic Harp of Dreams
Playing With Fire Playing With Fire: The Celtic Fiddle Collection 1992
Polonska Celtic Volume 2 1995
Polonski Celtic 1995
Jennifer Pratt-Walter Ancient Realms (Celtic Harp) 1998
Ratzenbeck Celtic: Colors Of The World 1998
Sandra Reid Hal-An-Tow: Songs Of The Six Celtic Nations 1995
Paddy Reilly Celtic Collections: Paddy Reilly 1997
The Revels Celtic Roads 1998
Bonnie Rideout Celtic Circles 1994
Eric Rigler Celtic Pipes & Strings [Import] 1999
Laura Risk Celtic Dialogue 1999
Kim Robertson Treasures Of The Celtic Harp 1995
Jill Rogoff The Celtic Cradle 1995
Dublin Rovers Celtic Dance 1999
Bleizi Ruz Celtic Trip 1998

Slaughter, Sadistic Intent In Memory Of...Celtic Frost 1996
Sanctuary By Celtic Waters V.5 [Import]
Maggie Sansone Music In The Great Hall: Instrumental Music From The Ancient Celtic Lands 1993
Maggie Sansone A Traveler's Dream: Celtic Explorations 1999
Hedge School Celtic Collections: Hedge School 1997
Celtic Cheer Shamrock & Thistle 50 All Time Celtic Favorites 1997
Shanon Celtic Classics II: The Enchanted... 1997
Shanon Celtic Classics: An Enchanted Journey 1995
Dean Shostak Celtic Crystal 1997
Simpson Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar Vol. 1: Ramble To Cashel 1998
Steeleye Span Celtic Love Songs (Shanachie) 1998
Spillane Celtic Dance 1997
Celtic Spirit Celtic Spirit
Celtic Spirit Celtic Dreams [Import] 1998
Alan Stivell Celtic Symphony 1989
Mary Strachan The Celtic Harp 1999
Street Celtic Reflections [Import] 1998
Maireid Sullivan For Love's Caress: A Celtic Journey 1998
Highland Sun Celtic Crossover
Toot Sweet Celtic Christmas 1997

Celtic Tapestry A Celtic Tapestry, Volume 2 1997
Celtic Thunder Celtic Thunder 1992

Various Artists Celtic Legends
Various Artists Celtic Music [Box Set] [Import] 1996
Various Artists Celtic Dawn 1999
Various Artists Celtic Glow 1999
Various Artists Celtic Twilight 5 1999
Various Artists Celtic Christmas (Windham) 1997
Various Artists Celtic Collections: Celtic Moods 1997
Various Artists Celtic Collections: Irish Pub Songs 1997
Various Artists Celtic Moods (Virgin) 1997
Various Artists Celtic Twilight 1994
Various Artists Celtic Twilight 2 1995
Various Artists Celtic Twilight 3: Lullabies 1996
Various Artists Celtic Twilight 4: Celtic Planet 1997
Various Artists Celtic Angels 1997
Various Artists Celtic Charmers 1997
Various Artists Celtic Christmas (Orby) 1998
Various Artists The Celtic Heartbeat Collection 1997
Various Artists Celtic Loves Songs (Celtophile) 1997
Various Artists Celtic Magic: Eleven Irish Instrumentals 1998
Various Artists Celtic Music Today 1997
Various Artists Celtic Odyssey 1993
Various Artists Celtic Voices: Women Of Song 1995
Various Artists Celtic Christmas (CMH) 1998
Various Artists Celtic Forest 1997
Various Artists Celtic Gold 1998
Various Artists Celtic Harpestry: A Contemporary Celtic Collection 1998
Various Artists The Celtic Heartbeat Collection 2 1998
Various Artists Celtic Lullaby 1998
Various Artists Celtic Pride II 1997
Various Artists Celtic Tides: A Musical Odyssey 1998
Various Artists Celtic Treasure II: The Living Legacy Of Turlough O'Carolan 1998
Various Artists Celtic Voices 1999
Various Artists Celtic Colours 1997: The Road Home
Various Artists Celtic Colours 1998: The Second Wave
Various Artists Celtic Soul: The Magic Of Ireland Vol. 1 1999
Various Artists Dublin To Dakar: A Celtic Odyssey 1999
Various Artists French Blend: Celtic Music's French... 1998
Various Artists Heart Of Ireland: A Collection Of Traditional + Modern Celtic Songs 1998
Various Artists Her Infinite Variety: Celtic Women In Music & Song 1998
Various Artists Holding Up Half The Sky...Celtic Women 1997
Various Artists Joyful Noise: Celtic Favorites From Green Linnet 1998
Various Artists My Gentle Harp: Celtic Music For Harp 1999
Various Artists Piping Hot: Celtic Bagpipe Collection 1997
Various Artists The Voice Of Celtic Women: There Was A Lady 1997
Various Artists Women Of The World: Celtic II 1997
Various Artists World Meditation: Six Daily Meditations From Around The World - Japan, Tibet, Greece, Ancient Celtic, Europe 1998
Various Artists Best Of The Celtic Tradition [Box Set] 1997
Various Artists Celtic Collections: Celtic Panpipes 1997
Various Artists Celtic Soul: The Magic Of Ireland Vol. 2 1999
Various Artists Celtic Airs V.1 [Import] 1998
Various Artists Celtic Aura: The Irish Traditional... [Import] 1998
Various Artists Celtic Music Today [Import] 1998
Various Artists Celtic Mystery [Import] 1999
Various Artists Celtic Voices: Music & Song From... [Import] 1999
Various Artists Collection of Celtic Moods (Seasons of M [Import] 1998
Various Artists Voice of Celtic Women (There Was a Lady) [Import] 1998

Declan Waggett Celtic Flute Trilogy Vol. 1 1998
Tannahill Weaves Celtic Music: Live From Mountain Stage 1997
John Whelan Celtic Crossroads 1997
John Whelan Celtic Reflections: Misty-Eyed Morning 1996
John Whelan Come To Dance: A Celtic Tradition 1999
Andrew White The Heart Of The Celtic Guitar 1997
David Wilkie Cowboy Celtic 1996
Robin Williamson Celtic Harp Airs & Dance Tunes [Import] 1997
Robin Williamson Gems Of Celtic Story: Two [Import] 1998
Robin Williamson Gems Of Celtic Story: One [Import] 1998
Joemy Wilson Celtic Dreams: Music Of Turlough O'Carolan, Vol 3 1994
Joemy Wilson Celtic Treasures 1994
Stockton's Wing Celtic Collections: Stockton's Wing 1997
Paul Winter Celtic Solstice 1999
Gaylen Winterjohn Celtic Showcase 2000
Wobble's Invaders of Jah The Celtic Poets 1999

On the Celtic Harp 1999
Celtic Invasion 1997
Celtic Dawn-Tales of the New a 1999
Celtic Heart-Tales of True Lov 1999
Celtic Invasion-Very Best of N 1999
Celtic Journeys-Tales of Place 1999
Celtic Lives-Tales of Pride 1999
Celtic Mist 1999
Celtic Mysteries-Tales of Celt 1999
Celtic Mystery 1999
Celtic Sisters-Women of Ireland 1999
Celtic Spirit-Tales of the Sou 1999
Celtic Traditions-Memorable Ta 1999
Celtic Voyager-Tales of the Tr 1999
Piping Concert-Celtic Connecti 1998
Celtic Quest 1998
Celtic Brittany [Import] 1998
Celtic Tales [Import] 1998