Rowan Leaf Harp Music

The Following Harp Music CDs have been arranged by Artist Last Name
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Artist Artist CD Title Date
Vol. 3-Harp & Flute 1999
Harp for the Holidays 1998
Blues Harp Summit [Import 1999
On the Celtic Harp 1999
Balinese Jew's Harp Orchestra 1997
Vol. 1-Harp & Woodwinds 1998
Vol. 3-Harp & Woodwinds 1997
The Angel's Harp: Favorite Catholic Hymns, Marian Songs and Chant 1997

Alemu Aga Harp of King David [Import] 1995
Alabama Sacred Harp... White Spirituals From The Sacred Harp 1992
Ignacio Alderete The Magic Of The Paraguayan Harp 1994
Ignacio Alderete Paraguayan Harp & Organ 1994
Art of Harp The Art Of The Harp 1996

Patrick Ball Celtic Harp Vol. 1: The Music Of Turlough... 1987
Patrick Ball Celtic Harp Vol. 2: From A Distant Time 1989
Patrick Ball Celtic Harp Vol. 3: Secret Isles 1987
Patrick Ball Celtic Harp Vol. 4: O'Carolan's Dream 1989
Patrick Ball Celtic Harp-Fiona 1993
Patrick Ball Storyteller: Gwilan's Harp & Other... 1995
Carey Bell Carey Bell's Blues Harp 1995
Derek Bell Ancient Music For The Irish Harp 1996
Derek Bell Mystic Harp 2: Sailing The Blue Sea 1999
Derek Bell The Mystic Harp 1996
Erik Berglund Harp of the Healing Light 1999
Erik Berglund Angel Beauty: Healing Harp Music 1998
Erik Berglund Angelic Harp Music
Erik Berglund Harp of the Healing Waters
Blind Street Musicians... Peruvian Harp & Mandolin 1995
Philip Boulding Harp: Song For Reconciliation 1989
Robin Huw Bowen Harp Music Of Wales--Cerddoriaeth... 1995
Robin Huw Bowen Telyn Berseiniol Fy Ngwlad-The Sweet Harp Of... 1993
George Buford State Of The Blues Harp [Import] 1998

Benito Carcamo Magic of the Paraguayan Harp & [Import] 1993
Chieftains The Celtic Harp 1993
Florencio Coronado Andean Harp [Import] 1996
Cotton Blues Harp Greats 1998
Cotton Blues Harp Power 1998
James Cotton 3 Harp Boogie 1994
James Cotton Harp Attack! 1990

Michael Deep Thru The Harp 1997
Katrien Delavier Irish Harp [Import] 1994
Doyle Faces Of The Harp: Celtic & Contemporary 1997

Elizabeth Ely My Harp Has A Voice 1998
Ernestine Tender Harp Strings 1999
Ethiopia Ethiopia: Harp Of Apollo 1994

Sharon Fisher Ireland-Land of Harp & Song 1999
Flute Guitar & Harp Flute, Guitar And Harp Of The Andes 1994
Andy J Forest Cat on a Hot Tin Harp 1998
Aryeh Frankfurter Lest The Harp Strings Unravel... 1998
Cheryl Ann Fulton The Once & Future Harp 1994

Daniele Garella Healing River: Reflections For Harp... 1998
Eralio Gill The Art of the Paraguayan Harp 1998
Glass Harp Glass Harp [Import] 1994
Great Harp Players The Great Harp Players (1927-1936) 1994
Alberto Guarani Greetings From Mexico: Mexican Harp Tunes 1996

Claire Hamilton Celtic Harp Moods [Import] 1997
Claire Hamilton Love Is All Around-Celtic Harp Of... [Import] 1998
Celtic Harp Celtic Harp 2000
Everette Harp Everette Harp 1992
Harp Blowers Harp Blowers (1925-1936) 1994
Ann Heymann The Harper's Land: Music For Irish & Scottish Harp 1992
Therese Honey Mosaic: Celtic Harp 1997
Cindy Horstman Christmas Harp 1996
Horton Down Home Harp 1998
Big Walter Horton Mouth Harp Maestro [Import] 1990
Walter Horton Harp Legends Vol.1 [Import] 1997

Shakey Jake Mouth Harp Blues 1993

Georgia Kelly Perennials: The Georgia Kelly Harp... 1996
Khomus Jew's Harp Music of the Turkic 1995
Alison Kinnaird The Harp Key 1996
Alison Kinnaird The Scottish Harp 1992
Gerard Kremer Irelande/Ireland: Irish Harp, "Pub Music" [Import] 1994

Chuck Lange Yuletide Harp 2000
Lazy Lester Harp And Soul 1988
Thomas Loefke Norland Wind: Harp Music From The Celtic Northwest 1997
Los Calchakis Harp & Marimbas [Import] 1994
Los Cara Quirpa Indian Harp Paraguay - Venezuela [Import] 1994
Los Duarte Paraguay Harp of Los Duarte 1996
Kathleen Loughnane Affairs of the Harp [Import] 1998

Sasha MacKenzie Songs For Celtic Harp 1993
Maracaibo Ensemble Flute, Harp & Guitars [Import] 1994
Carol McClure Christmas Harp 1992
Carol McClure Holiday Harp
Carol McClure Hymns of Hope for Harp
Memphis Harp & Jug Blowers Memphis Harp & Jug Blowers 1927-1939 1994
Mist of Thyme Brave Harp 1999
Mojo Buford Home Is Where My Harp Is 1998
Eileen Monger The Celtic Harp [Import] 1999
Kathy Bundock Moore The Jackson Berkey Harp Book
Melissa Morgan Erin's Harp 1996
Musselwhite Got Harp If You Want It 1991

Maire Ni Chathasaigh The New Strung Harp 1997

O'Farrell Maidens of the Celtic Harp 1997
Rudiger Oppermann Unchain My Harp 1998
Stephanie Osborne Victorian Harp 1998

Hugo Pamcos Paraguayan Harp [Import] 1996
Lori Pappajohn Celtic Harp for Christmas 1999
Lori Pappajohn Celtic Harp of Dreams 1999
Rupert Parker Double Harp [Import] 1995
Roberto Perera Harp And Soul [ECD] 1996
Jennifer Pratt-Walter Ancient Realms (Celtic Harp) 1998

Relaxing With Scents & Sounds Soothing Harp 1999
Kim Robertson Treasures Of The Celtic Harp 1995

Dick Schory Music for Bang Baaroom & Harp 2000
Dick Schory Music for Bang Baaroom & Harp [Import] 1996
Scotland Accordion Harp & Fiddle [Import] 1994
Social Harp The Social Harp - Early American Shape-Note Songs 1994
Soundtrack Grass Harp 1996
Patricia Spero Lullaby Harp 1997
Patricia Spero Medieval Harp 1997
Patricia Spero Romantic Harp 1994
Patricia Spero Winter Harp 1997
Peter Sterling Harp Magic 2000
Mary Strachan The Celtic Harp 1999

Christina Tourin Starlight: Harp Music 1995
Jean-Pierre Tzaud Paraguayan Harp [Import] 1994

Various Artists Art Of Harp Vol. 2 1998
Various Artists Bayou Blues Harp: House Rockin'...Vol. 4 1998
Various Artists Blues Harp Hotshots 1998
Various Artists A Celebration Of Blues: Great Blues Harp 1997
Various Artists Harp-Paradise in Paraguay 1998
Various Artists My Gentle Harp: Celtic Music For Harp 1999
Various Artists The Natural Harp 1994
Various Artists Sacred Harp Singing 1998
Various Artists Southern Journey, Vol. 10: And Glory Shone Around - More All Day Singing From The Sacred Harp 1998
Various Artists Southern Journey, Vol. 9: Harp Of A Thousand Strings - All Day Singing From The Sacred Harp 1998
Various Artists World Music: Paraguayan Harp Vol. 1 1998
Various Artists Harp Of Veracruz: Canto De America 1997
Various Artists Got Harp If You Want It [Import] 1991
Various Artists Romantic Harp [Import] 1996
Various Artists World of Harfe/Harp [Double CD] [Import] 1999
Tapani Varis Jews Harp 1998

Williamson Blues Harp Bosses [Import] 1998
Williamson Harp Blues [Import] 1999
Robin Williamson Celtic Harp Airs & Dance Tunes [Import] 1997
Joemy Wilson Young Turlough And His Harp 1996
Wiregrass Sacred Harp Singers The Colored Sacred Harp 1993

Grainne Yeats Belfast Harp Festival [Import] 1994