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The books on this page have been chosen to aid in identifying and dealing with antagonists and other types of problems encountered in daily life and in dealing with groups of people.  These books were written for the Christian Church but the knowledge in these books is not limited to the Christian Church, but is universally applicable to many situations, at home, at work, on-line, ect.   

The First Two Books Are Highly Recommended.


Antagonists in the Church : How to Identify and Deal With Destructive Conflict
Kenneth C. Haugk.  Paperback (June 1988) - Price:$11.99
Antagonists in the Church Study Guide
Kenneth C. Haugk, R. Scott Perry.  Paperback (October 1988) - Price:$4.79
Clergy Killers : Guidance for Pastors and Congregations Under Attack
G. Lloyd Rediger  Paperback (April 1987) - Price ~$15.16 
Well-Intentioned Dragons : Ministering to Problem People in the Church 
Marshall Shelley  Paperback (June 1994) - Price ~ $9.84
Leading Your Church Through Conflict and Reconciliation : 30 Strategies to Transform Your Ministry
Marshall Shelley (Editor)  Hardcover (March 1997) - Price ~ $13.99
The Interventionist : A Conceptual Framework and Questions for Parish Consultants,
Intentional Interim Ministers, Church Champions, Pastors

Lyle E. Schaller  Paperback (January 1997) - Price ~ $12.80