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Recommended Books ** These are Recommended
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Special Help Books These are Books to help deal with Antagonism and Conflict
New Books by Month These Books are Organized by Publication Date & will be updated each Month
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Class Book List This is the Recommended Reading List
for the Celtic Class

These are the Current Topic Areas for which we List Books

Anglo-Saxon Books on the Anglo-Saxons
Archaeology General Archaeology Books
Archaeology by Age Archaeology Books Sorted by Age
Astrology Astrology Books
Astronomy Astronomy Books
Astronomy Reviewed Reviews of Some Astronomy Books
Author Page Books Listed by Author's Names
Banshee Books on the Banshee's
Bards Books on the Bards
Book Series Page Books in a Series
Calendars  **NEW** There are Calendars for 2000
Celt - Celtic Books with Celt or Celtic in the Title
Chanting Books on Chanting
Childrens Childrens Books
Cooking & Drink Books on Cooking and Drinks
Crafts Section Candles, Soap, Weaving, Spinning
MetalWorking, LeatherWorking
Sewing, Art, Knotwork, ect.
Death, Dying, Grieving Books on Passing Over
Druid - Druidism Books with the Word Druid in the Title
Fairy - Fairy Tales Books on Fairy Tales
Feng Shui Books on Feng Shui
Fiction General Celtic Related Fiction Books
Fiction 2 More General Celtic Related Fiction Books
Folklore Books on Folklore
Gaelic General Gaelic Books
Harry Potter Books Wonderful Fun Harry Potter Books
Herbs - Herbal Herbal Books
Herbal Reviewed Reviews of some Herbal Books
Languages Language Section of the Store
Magick Books on Magick
Meditation Books on Meditation
Megalith Books on the Megaliths of the British Isles
Mythology Books on Mythology
Pagan Books with Pagan in the Title
Requested Books Requested for the Store
Samhain Books about Samhain
Solstice Books on the Solstice
Stonehenge Books on Stonehenge
Story Telling Books on the Art of Story Telling
Vedic Books on Vedic and the Rig Veda
Wiccan Books on Wiccan Topics

Books on Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Irish-Ireland 1998 Books on Ireland from 1998
Irish-Ireland 1999 Books on Ireland from 1999
Scottish-Scotland 1998 Books on Scotland from 1998
Scottish-Scotland 1999 Books on Scotland from 1999
Welsh-Wales 1998 Books on Wales from 1998
Welsh-Wales 1999 Books on Wales from 1999

Books to Aid You on Your Travels

Travel Section Index Page Home Page for Travel Section
Aran Islands Travel Books on the Aran Islands
England Travel Books on England
Ireland Travel Books on Ireland
Scotland Travel Books on Scotland
Wales Travel Books on Wales