I understand and acknowledge that The Summerlands is a Celtic Pagan Online Community and that its primary focus is on The Old Ways and the Gods of our Ancestors.

I understand and expect The Summerlands to be a sanctuary for those who share such beliefs and ideals. I recognize the Celtic Pagan character and   sanctity of The Summerlands and its members. I will be courteous and tolerant, and will conduct myself in a respectful manner toward others within The Summerlands.

I shall not engage in flaming, spamming, belittling, temper tantrums, and/or proselytizing toward members and guests of The Summerlands. I understand that such behaviors are grounds for immediate termination of my membership and access to The Summerlands, without refund.

I declare that I am 18 years of age or older and of legal status to enter into contract with The Summerlands, Inc. for membership, classes, and/or goods and services rendered. Minors must declare themselves and have parental permission on file with The Summerlands prior to registration. See Parental Permission Page for Minors form.

The monthly membership fee does not cover classes, seminars, real-time Terraspace gatherings or goods and services  purchased in the marketplace.

Classes and Seminars
Throughout the year, The Summerlands will be offering many classes that we think will be of interest to our members. The breakout is as follows:

6 Week Class:
Members - $25.00
Non-members - $30.00

8 Week Class:
Members - $35.00
Non-members - $40.00

Classes consist of:
Weekly live IRC sessions (2 hours)
A private section for Students Only where all the class materials are posted.
Availability of discussion on section message board throughout the week.
When applicable... pre session information sent via email to students.

Some classes might require outside materials.  Whenever possible, we will provide the reading materials, but students are responsible for purchasing their own crafts supplies or additional books that they might need/want for a particular class. (e.g., a drop spindle and wool for learning to spin in an Enchanted Hands Craftguild class.)

To find out which classes are currently available, are scheduled for the future, or have been taught in the past, please refer to the Class Registration area on the Crossroads (located directly to the left of the Member Registration form button).   You might also refer to the Main Calendar to see if there are any classes scheduled that you might enjoy taking.  These classes can be paid in any of the previously mentioned 4 methods, but they must be paid in full no later than the 2nd week of the class.  Payment in advance is appreciated.

Some of our students cannot make the actual 'live chat' due to time constraints, however, they still receive value for the class in that all the materials and transcripts are made available to them via a private message board and emails and they can ask questions/get individual attention from the instructor via those avenues just as easily as they can in live chat class.  We usually have at least 1/3 of our students for any given class taking it via 'correspondence' style.

I understand that as a private organization, The Summerlands, Inc. reserves the right to refuse class membership to any applicant. I understand that Summerlands does not discriminate based on race, gender, or nationality; that they do have age requirements (see Parental Permission form); and that they reserve the right to refuse class membership to any applicant because of observed negative, contentious, or problematic behaviors while at Summerlands or other organizations and venues.

I understand that my paid class membership gives me the right to use the class message board, class library, and class chat room; to have access to any onsite class information; to attend IRC groups; and to receive weekly/monthly updates from the Summerlands.

I understand that classes and seminars are not included in my monthly membership fee and I agree to pay for any of these that I sign up for and do not drop prior to the first class meeting or day of seminar.

I agree to pay for everything that I order through The Summerlands Marketplace.

I agree not to promote outside events through The Summerlands venues without prior permission from either Searles or Deborah O’Dubhain. I also agree that I will not assert Summerlands sponsorship of any event or offering without written permission of the O’Dubhains. The Summerlands, Inc., is a copyrighted name and a registered entity with the InterNIC, and I agree not to infringe on those copyrights.

I agree not to violate copyright infringement laws with anything that I post on the message boards or upload to the libraries. I further agree to properly give authorship credit to any material that I might share on these venues. I understand that The Summerlands asserts that anything uploaded to its libraries or posted by its members has been previously copyright cleared by the member making the information public.

I agree not to sexually harass or stalk any member of The Summerlands and to not engage in any inappropriate behavior with any minor that I might meet at The Summerlands online community or at any Summerlands event in Terraspace. I understand that such behavior is grounds for termination of class membership (and/or notification of proper legal authorities if a minor is involved.)

I agree to neither compile nor distribute the names, addresses, email addresses, urls, or personal information of any Summerlands member without their specific permission. I agree not to spam any of the Summerlands membership.

I understand that The Summerlands can make no guaranty nor warranty regarding the consequences of person to person interaction, nor can it insure anyone against personal losses that may occur as a part of any religious or personal practices (and/or discussions) that they may experience, as a part of their Summerlands membership. I understand that The members of The Summerlands take full personal responsibility for their own actions, beliefs and practices. I therefore agree to hold harmless The Summerlands, Inc, and/or Charles and Deborah DeVane, (a.k.a. Searles and Deborah O'Dubhain), from any mishap that might occur in conjunction with my Summerlands membership.

I have read and understand the information contained in the General Information section listed on the Crossroads of The Summerlands.

I have read and understand the rules and regulations for membership in The Summerlands as expressed in these "Terms and Conditions" and I agree to abide by those rules.

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