Once you have become a member of The Summerlands, you will find that there are many interesting groups and clubs available to you that are always glad to have new faces show up. Please, feel free to drop in on any of these groups and join them in their particular area of interest or expertise. You'll be more than welcome ... just come on in make yourself at home.  All groups meet at 9PM eastern USA time in our irc room #summerlands on the StarLink IRC Network at StarLinkIRC:US,MI,Rochester:6667  unless otherwise stated.

Guests are always welcome at our chats and groups.  If you're considering membership at Summerlands but would like to just hang out with us for awhile first, come on down, we'd love to get to know you.  We promise not to bite <G>.

The Women's Lodge

The Women's Lodge meets the 1st Monday of each month.  Sometimes there is a pre-selected topic for part of the evening (such as the role of Celtic women in ancient and modern society, or 'Strong Celtic Women's Guide to Child Rearing' <G>).   Sometimes it's a very loose format where we can just catch up on things that are happening in all our lives, bond and build friendships, and discuss topics of interest/relevance to women and women's issues. If you are a woman (maid, mother or crone) we'd love to have you join your cyber-sisters for some camaraderie and chat over a cup of well brewed coffee. If you are interested, just show up (we're a very informal bunch) or if you have any questions about Women's Lodge,  contact Treva at

The Archeoastronomy Club

The Archeoastronomy Club meets the 2nd Monday of the month.  It is led by our resident stargazer Jehana, who is the Brughaidh in charge of the Brugh of the Star River.  The purpose of the club is to learn and share about the connections between the stars and planets and the ancient stone monoliths and brughs.   What is their connection?  How can it affect us living on the planet today?   This promises to be one of the most fun and educational groups going.  So bring your telescope and star charts and dust off your old Archeology books... we're going digging.  If you have questions about the club please contact Jehana at

The Enchanted Hand Craftguild

The EHC meets the 3rd Monday of each month.  Starweaver is an experienced weaver and needlewoman and will be discussing different techniques off all crafts, ancient and modern.  Periodically, we will have 'guest lecturers' to discuss other crafts such as soap and candle making.  You don't have to be a Professional Crafter to join this group ... you just have to be someone who is interested in the subject and wanting to enter discussion with others of like interests.  If you're interested, contact Starweaver at

The Healers' Circle

Our Healers' Circle is hosted by The Well of Sla'n Healing Center. It meets on the 4th Monday of the month to aid anyone who needs help with their health or healing issues. If you are a healer, or if you would like to learn healing and develop those skills within yourself, this might be a circle you want to be a part of.   If you are a person in need of healing, this is definitely a circle you want to come to for assistance.  Check the Main Calendar for the dates when the Healing Circle meets.  If you are interested, contact Branfionn at or Tairngiri at .

The Picts

On the months that have a 5th Monday in them, we are honored to have a discussion group devoted to the ancient Picts.  This group is led by Jehana and covers what is known about their history and culture, their art and their stone cairns and carvings that they left behind.  If you are interested in joining this discussion group, please contact Jehana at for further information.

The Garden of Avalon Discussion

On the 1st Wednesday of each month, Topaz Owl leads a group discussion concerning death, dying, rites and rituals, ancient and modern customs, dealing with grief and communing with your loved ones on the other side of the Veil.  This chat is held in conjunction with our Garden of Avalon site; the place where we can leave memorials to our Ancestors and friends who are in the Otherworld now.  For more information on this group, please contact Topaz Owl at .

The Celtic Roundtable

The Celtic Roundtable is held on all Wednesdays except the first one.  It is a general discussion of any and everything Celtic.  There is usually no preformatted topic and the conversation tends to be free flowing and goes where Imbas leads it.  The moderator for this discussion group is Searles O'Dubhain, our chief Druid here at Summerlands.  If you'd like to find out more about this group, please contact Searles at .

The New Member Chat

The New Member Chat (NMC) is held at 9PM every Thursday in the #newmemberchat room at StarLinkIRC.  This is where folks who have recently joined the Summerlands can go to get any questions they have answered and get help if they need it in setting up their irc configurations or other software.  It's also a good place to meet other folks who are new.  We all remember what it was like to have just come onto the internet and to be the 'new kids on the block' around here.  We hope that this group will help you get settled in and feeling comfortable in record time.... and once you do.... you can go over to the Weekly Pub Crawl.

The Weekly Pub Crawl

Every Thursday night at 9PM in the #summerlands room over at StarLinkIRC, Infiniti starts lining up the drinks on the bar, warms up the old juke box and throws open the doors for our weekly pub crawl.  This is just a 'hang out with your mates and have a pint of cyberhol' and generally yak about whatever is on tap at the moment.   The puns are usually awful, the cyberhol wet, and the humor quite dry.  So check your worries at the door and raise a pint or three of your 'fev bev' and join us for a couple of hours of shaking the kinks out.  Just be sure to leave your keyboard in the coffee can by the door if you imbibe too much.  We don't allow our friends to drink and type <GGG>.  If you need instructions on how to find the bar (or directions to the mens/womens/others rooms) please contact the Old Seanchai at .

The Bard's Hall

Every Friday night LadyHarp holds the Bards' Hall.  This is a great group of folks who come together to share their wit and wisdom on all thing Bardic.    If you have a poem, lyric, ode or the like that you would care to share... or would like to get some critique and feedback on, drag it out and let us hear it.  We promise to oohhh and aaahhhh at all the right places and only offer opinions if  they are requested <G>  Seriously, this is a great place to bring your work and share  your efforts.  For more information on the group, please contact LadyHarp at .

The Druids' Assembly

Once per month, on the sixth day after the new moon, The Druid's Assembly meets at The Summerlands chat room to discuss all things of interest to Druids and those who would follow and learn the ways of Drai'ochta.  If you're interested in this group, check the calendar to see what day of the month their meeting falls and drop in.  Anyone is welcome to listen in, if you want to join in the more serious elements of discourse, be prepared to be questioned on your knowledge.  If you have questions or need additional information, contact Searles at .

Service Covens and Groves

As our community grows and develops, we will be fostering The Summerlands C/Gs for the purposes of doing Community and Earth Service.  We plan to eventually stretch out our magical Pagan hands to the real world in a wide variety of projects.  Some of the suggested projects include building Earthship houses for needy people, helping out at women's shelters, doing hospice work with Pagans who are preparing to cross over, reading and being companion/visitors to the elderly, working to find homes for animal shelter residents, reclaiming/regreening damaged ecosystems/land, erecting/consecrating Pagan worship sites around the country,  providing food and clothing to families in Appalachia who need help.    I know we're still too small to be doing most of these as an organization, but this is the kind of community that we want to be when we grow up.  If you are interested, contact Deborah at

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