We have set up the Summerlands to be as user friendly as possible. Obviously, the faster your computer and the more memory, bells and whistles, etc. you have - the better able you will be to fully enjoy The Summerlands. HOWEVER, anyone with a computer which is web capable should be able to access anything we have up on the boards.  If you find you cannot access our site (for whatever reason), or if something is totally confusing, PLEASE let us know asap. It is a prime consideration to us that all who wish to enter The Summerlands be able to do so and do so as easily as possible.

That said, you will need the following software/items:

  • ISP (sometimes there are problems coming from AOL or CompuServe)
  • Browser (I.E. 4.0 is the preferred browser.  Netscape sometimes is a problem)
  • IRC software (pIRCh or mIRC for PC and IRCle for Macs recommended)
  • Online locator software (we recommend ICQ)
  • Active X or Java Applet able

You can download the IRC  software from the "chatting link" here in the general information section.  The Browser can be downloaded from Microsoft's web site.

Please also see the disclaimer/instructions at the bottom of the Crossroads page regarding screen size and formatting.  Thanks.

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