Respect and Conduct
It is the responsibility of the each members to behave in a courteous and respectful manner to the other members and to the staff of The Summerlands. We are a family-oriented community and as such there will be children and young adults in our community and the adult membership needs to set a good example for them. So mind your manners.

Financial Responsibility
It is the sole responsibility of the member to keep track of how much they spend in The Summerlands. Although there is no charge for online time, the member needs to be aware of how much they have spent on classes or at The Marketplace, so that they don't get an unhappy surprise at the end of the month. This is a new way of doing business for most of us. Until everybody gets a feel for how much or little they actually spend here per month, they need to "be aware."

This is a Pagan forum ... as such, we all have our own slant on things, and it's usually different from everybody else's slant on the same things. Proselytizing is absolutely verboten ... should it happen, please report it immediately to one of the staff and it will be dealt with.  This goes for Pagans and well as the odd Christian who might find their way into our circle.  Fundamentalism is never pretty and is totally uncalled for around here.  Don't go there ... don't do that.

Flaming Holy Wars
Differences of opinions, beliefs, ideas, and ideals are what makes for a vital and alive community. We not only allow debate and contention of ideas, we welcome it with open arms (even if that gets a bit hot sometimes). What we do not welcome and will not tolerate are flame wars. They will be squelched immediately ... and that includes running email flame wars (should any party complain and be able to back it up with proof). There are many ways to disagree with one another without getting nasty or being rude about it.  Remember, share your toys, play nice with the other children ... and if you are sleepy and cranky ... take a nap before making that post that might start the next flame war. Scorched earth isn't pretty!

Sex, Stalking, and "One Night Wonders"
We Pagans are a "healthy lot" when it comes to the subject of sex ... and that is fine. As long as the sex play is between consenting adults, we think that's just peachy. But there will be NO inclusion of any of the minors in such activities. Also, there will be no stalking or sexual harassment allowed of any member (male, as well as female) by any other member. Should this occur, please bring it to the attention of Deborah or Searles and it will handled. And while we're on the subject of sex ... this is not a "human sexuality" forum ... if you are a "hit and run" Romeo or a panting partygirl type just looking for some "action" ... or have just discovered the wonderful world of "dirty words," take it to a more appropriate venue (Goddess knows there are plenty of them on the net.) In the same way that stalking will be immediately dealt with, so will those people with repeated harmful behaviors to the community and its members be asked to knock it off or leave.

Also, please select your nicknames with care so that we don't start looking like some "common IRC on a Saturday night." (you KNOW what I mean by that!)

Membership for Minors and Parental Responsibility
We do allow and welcome minors into our community. We take great pains to ensure their safety and happiness and are more than happy to answer any questions they have about our religious beliefs. That said ... there is one major proviso. Any minor child (that means anyone under 18) MUST have their parents' approval on our registration form to obtain a membership and a signed letter from them on file with us stating that they have given their consent for the minor to participate in The Summerlands.

We do this for several reasons:

  1. We believe that the primary authority in a young person's life is, and should be, their parents and that until they are old enough to make their own choices known, the formal choice of religion should, therefore, remain in the hands of the parents.
  2. Since the adult parents are the ones who are financially responsible for any expenses (including monthly membership) incurred by their minor children, they are the ones who must enter into the agreement with us for that minor to be a member of our community.
  3. We encourage family participation in The Summerlands. Our fondest wish is that both parents and children will come and explore our community "together." And, if there are places where the parents feel their children should not be, then the family can discuss it amongst themselves prior to application for membership. If, after the discussions, the parents feel that this is not an appropriate venue for their children ... decline membership for them at this time.

We leave the decision and the responsibility of Summerlands Memberships for Minors squarely in the hands of the parents. No exceptions.

Since The Summerlands IS a private membership community and is not open to the general public, we reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone we deem to be unsuitable to The Summerlands Community. We also reserve the right to terminate a membership without notice or refund for failure to follow The Summerlands agreed upon terms and conditions of membership.

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