There are several ways to travel within The Crossroads and The Summerlands. Each area will be a bit different, but there are certain things that are consistent throughout the entire website.

  • The Maps:  The map was the original main transportation device for the Summerlands. To use it, put your cursor/arrow/hand on the different white stone markers. The name of the site should appear at the bottom of your monitor's screen. If that is the site where you wish to go, just double click your mouse and the map will take you there. The map in The Crossroads however, will not take you to the actual sites but to the site "descriptions." (This is only recommended for people who really like graphics and have a fast machine and faster connection!   It's beautiful, but it's a bear to open!!!)
  • Site Map: At the Map page in The Summerlands and also at the Tapestry in the Tower Room, are  text-only tables with all the main links to the Crossroads and The Summerlands sites. These tables are provided to assist you in getting around (especially those of you running with "graphics off") If a site is "blacked out," it has not yet been opened or has an area closed for rennovation.   To view these member pages, please take advantage of our free month's worth of Summerlands membership by completing the Registration Form at the Crossroads. 
  • Four Quarters: Just as our ancestors divided the year into four major festivals and a day, or as Ireland was divided into four quarters of North, South, East and West with a fifth part being its Sacred Center, The Summerlands is divided into four major areas for your use and enjoyment.  These four areas are labeled: Message, Chat, Library and Sites.  If you see a box looking like this:
    MESSAGE CHAT Tapestry | Crossroads | Tower | Pub | Airmids | Animals | StarRiver
    LIBRARY SITE Sanctuary | Remembrance | Druids | Celts | Womens | Kitchen | Crafts

    then you can instantly link to each of these four areas.  The fifth part of The Summerlands is you and the other members.  We are always linked within the Spirit of the Land Herself.

  • The Navbar: This is the second part which is attached to the Four Quarters at the bottom of your page.  Once you have decided whether you want to go to the Site (opening page of the section), the Library (for that section) or the Message board (for that section), then all you have to do is select what section you want to start with.  By clicking on the different links you can skip from site to site, message board to message board, or library to library with the click of your mouse. Or you can switch areas within a section by changing the selection in the Four Quarters Control Box.
  • Previous/Next Buttons: Sometimes you will encounter small round Celtic "buttons" of either silver or gold (see below).  These are usually on an area which has a list for you to click through (such as the hosts or sites and this page). They work exactly as advertised. If you click on the "Previous" button, you will go back to the previous item on the list. If you click on the "Next" button, you will continue down the list to the next item for you to read.

Case Sensitivity: By the way, the URLs are case sensitive. We've tried to always put everything in lower case. If you're having a problem with an address this might be the reason.

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