An Daire Drai'ochta

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Greenman courtesy of Courtney Davis

Some would tell you that nothing is known about the ways of the Druids. Some of these people would be telling you the truth as they see it. But do they know the truth? Finding the truth is one of the tasks of a Druid.

If you would be a Druid or follow the ways of Druids, then come to An Daire Drai'ochta the Summerlands Druid Hedge School and discover the truth for yourself. An Daire Drai'ochta is located at the end of the Old West Trail, where the land meets the great ocean and the mists thickly hang surrounding the ancient groves of the Wise. This is a place where horses run upon air as easily as water and the boundaries between Sky, Sea, and Land become obscured.

The Head Bruighaidh for An Daire Drai'ochta is Searles O'Dubhain.