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The Women's Lodge

Women are the Roses in the Garden of Life.  Full blown and full bodied and heady with  glorious color and magnificent scent.  Created and Endowed by The Goddess Herself  ... and far from defenseless too.  For as anyone who has ever sought to pick a rose can tell you, they have strong thorns with which  to defend themselves.

Step through the portal and enter the Women's Lodge, where we are free to be and to grow as Our Nature wills it.

The Women's Lodge is nestled in a beautiful mountain meadow in the bend of the springfed mountain river which runs past Grandmother Mountain and ends in a spectacular waterfall into the ocean. This is the private place where the women come to discuss women's mysteries and the business of being a woman in the world of the Ancient Celts and in the hectic world of today. It is a place where we can go to just relax and bond with our sisters over a cup of chamomile tea, hot chocolate ... or something stronger <G>. It is a place where the women come together to discuss laws and give form to the Ways of the people of The Summerlands.  Your Bruighaidh is Treva.