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Welcome to the Ogmios Project

What we're About

If you've ever tried to learn one of the Celtic languages you know how frustrating it can be. Not everyone has access to a University and most of  us don't know anyone fluent in the one of the languages to help us. The Ogmios Project is a learners' association which is dedicated to helping Pagans learn Celtic languages by  providing a platform for them to ask Pagan related language questions. When I was learning Welsh and Irish, one of my major problems was that the language was not being used in a context that was real to me. I didn't just want to learn how to say Sut Mae? and Oíche mhaith. I want to be fluent, yes, but I also want to know how to use the language(s) in a more Pagan way. This is the purpose of the association. To help us learn in a way that is real to us. 

How do I join?

You subscribe to the mailing list, use the exercises and message boards, then you eventually give back what you get. It's that simple. We all take responsibility for our own learning and we all progress at our own speeds. Good Luck! 

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Ogmios is a Gaulish Celtic God associated with eloquence as well as strength. according to the Roman writer Lucian there was picture of him holding a club and bow with chains growing from his tongue and holding a group of men in his power. It seems probable that Ogmios could be associated with the Irish God Ogma. Ogma was also renowned for his great strength and he was also said to be the inventor of the Ogham alphabet.

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