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Focal an Lae 
the word of the day in Irish 
Gaeilge ar an Ghréasán 
Gaeilge on the Web 
Irish Gaelic Reader 
Workbook based on 
Learning Irish, by Ó Siadhail 
Alternative Irish Gaelic Dictionary 
Bad words as Gaeilge 
Daltaí na Gaeilge 
Students of Irish web site. 
Learn Irish 
The Irish People's online Irish course. 

If you are aware of any other Gaeilge sites that should be added please contact me via email with the URL. 


The following exercises are being developed to help us learn Irish Gaelic, or Gaeilge. We are attempting to make these as Pagan centered as possible, however some of them are based solely on the material in the self study course noted. If you do not have any of these courses they are available from or they can be ordered from your local bookstore. You must have a JavaScript enabled browser to use these exercises. In all exercises use the "internet orthography". This means that a/ stands for á and o/ for ó and so on. Example: Tá mé anseo. is written Ta/ me/ anseo. 
Choose the course you would like to work with. 
[General Exercises]  [Learning Irish, by Ó Siadhail]
[Teach Yourself Irish]


General Exercises 

Briathra na Gaeilge 
Learn to use the present tense conjugation of regular verbs. This assumes that you do have some knowledge of Gaeilge. I suggest it can be used by those who have completed chapter 7 of Teach yourself Irish and chapter 10 of Learning Irish
Altú Págánach (A Pagan Grace) 
A Pagan prayer written in Gaeilge by Dennis King of Focal an Lae. 

Clochán na bhFómórach (The Fomirian's Steeping Stone)
A short folkloric story, which was submitted to the Gaeilge-B mailing list.

Learning Irish 

Review Test for Lesson Two 

Teach Yourself Irish 
None Available 

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