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Posted by: Stefan Kähmzow at 15:04:21 P.M. on 1/25/2002,

Well dunn. Have not seen all at the moment, but I will be back. Greetings Stefan

Posted by: Kelly Maynard at 2/19/02 10:40pm,

Posted by: James H Painter at02-22-02 0028hrs, http://your_website

I am new at E-mail and my path.Family members and close friends follow Wicca.I have a feeling (premonition) that i should follow the path of my ancestors."I worship the gods of my tribe."ancient Celt saying.Your site appears to have much of interest.Keep up the good work.If interested American of Scot and Irish ancestry.

Posted by: Kathleen Harrell at Feb. 22, 2002,

My name is Kathleen Harrell and I am assistant editor of The Tor Stone, an electronic newsletter expressing all aspects of the female journey through the Mists and Goddesses of Avalon. The Tor Stone will reflect the energy of that time of year and how our processes of healing and growth, as women mirror this endless cycle. Our features will include personal growth and journey, herbs, art, poetry, ritual techniques, the Goddesses of Avalon and much, much more. Our Sample came out on Jan.28th, and this issue is free. We are also looking for submissions and advertising, and exchanging web links. We are very excited about our newsletter, and wish to bring together this feminine energy to promote personal growth and well being, and spiritual completeness. Please check out our web site at: If you may be interested or know of anyone who may be interested, please feel free to contact me. Thank you and many blessings, Kathleen Harrell, .

Posted by: Paul McGuire at02-24-2002, 8:25 am CST,


Posted by: The Ancient One atfebruary 25 12:50pm,

you have a wonderful site. intelligent and resourceful. well done.

Posted by: Leslie Flynn at9:59 EST March 6, 2002,

My membership in Summerlands was approved yesterday, but I have not been able to access any of the portals. Each time I'm asked to log in, my log on name and password are refused. I have also tried to send E-mails to both the hosts about this problem, but they have been returned as undeliverable. Please remedy this problem for me, or take my name off your membership list. Thank you. Leslie Flynn


Logins and passwords to the Summerlands are case sensitive. I tried your login and password just now and they work perfectly. If you've forgotten your login information, there is a form on the Crossroads ( that will email them to you. I apologize for the bounced emails as we've been having problems in that area with our server and ISP. Please use in the interim for additional contacts. I'll be emailing this information to you as well. If the problems with logins persist, please email me personally as all of us in the Summerlands want your experiences here to be rewarding and pleasant. We'll get to the source of the problem and have you online with us in no time at all.

Is mise le meas,

Searles O'Dubhain

Posted by: Ashley Bake5r at 15:25:45 P.M. on 3/20/102, http://your_website

Posted by: Josephine F. Dwire at Thursday April 4, 2002
espmamajo@Yahoo.comyourname@your_e-mail.domain, http://your_website

Posted by: Josephine F. Dwire at

, http://your_website

I was amazed to find your site. I am new to the cyber-world and to the world of Wicca. There seems so much more to learn and I have come to that point in my life where I have lost some of my joy,for learning along with so many other aspects of my life. So I guess I am looking for a community to join and once again expand my mind, heart and soul. Thank you for offering such a noble service, Jo

Posted by: Bonnie Schoening at 4-08-2002 6.36pm,

I really enjoy and appreciate this site. Thanks

Posted by: Focmarc, Fois and Eolas at, http://your_website

Just traveling through don't mind me, I am known as the
Great lakes Draoi. I'm currently studying the cauldrons (all three, and a possible fourth with great time) and how best to work with them. thanks and wonderfull site although the join link is un-enabled. Following the triad of illumination, the gray garbed figure blends into the shadows....

Posted by: mirkotuba at 23.04.2002., http://your_website

Posted by: obinna nnadi at 5 .3.00 gmt 20 th may
yourname@your_e-mail.domain, http://your_website

Posted by: obinna nnadi at
yourname@your_e-mail.domain, http://your_website

god bless you all

Posted by: Tigerwind at5/21/02 11:51CST,

You have a wonderful site! I've linked to you on my webpage. Hope I get lots of visitors so that I can send them your way! I am a Pagan who travels my own path. All information is appreciated in my studies. Continued success to you!

Posted by: tracy burgard at 19:38:54 P.M. on 5/14/2002, http://your_website

Posted by: Danielle Carroll at 30/05/02 2:14pm, http://your_website

i am writing to ask for some much needed info i am in great need to find a wholesaler that stocks candles/incense/oils/herbs/books at good prices i would be more than happy to hear from you if you could please help me? a wiccan in need, is a friend in deed, by the way i think your site is verry well layed out and it maybe even a helpful source to other people in my situation!!

Posted by: Opala Ernst at 6/3/02 8:43pm,

I love you're site!!!!

Posted by: Opala Ernst at,

I love your site!!!!

Posted by: William Ducharme at 3:15ct 06-06-02,

Your site is great! I am looking forward to becoming a member. Thank you for your commitment to the pagan traditions. Blessed be!

Posted by: Melanie Lisabeth O'Donnell at 16:58:23 P.M. on 6/14/2002,

I tried to register, but the url was not available. Please advise!

Posted by: Manuela Oliveira Marès at 04:30 pm , 17/06/02,

Dear Summerlands´Owners My language is the portuguese. So, please , excuse me some difficults or errors... My origin is celtic, near Galicia, my ancestors land.I would like to express my opinion about your page, but I´ve no license to see it.From the outside seems wonderfull. Yours sincerely, Manuela

Posted by: joey kohon at 17:17:04 P.M. on 7/2/2002, http://your_website

Great site! I just finnished reading Searles article "The Elements of the Duile" I was very impressed. This doen't happen very often. I am interested in joining your community but i couldn't find an address for those of us who lack credit cards. When you have the time please e-mail me the info needed. Thanks for the enjoyable time in your site. I look forward to hearing from you. Slainte-Joey

Posted by: Deea Bailey at 20:03 july 10/02,

You have a wonderful site,

Posted by: Eve Hunter at Aug. 5th, 2002,

Outstanding Site! I loved visiting it, your site is truly a crossroads. I enjoyed my visit and will return often. Thank you for the great information, graphics and insight. Truly Great. Eve

Posted by: James Overstreet at15 Aug. 2002 at 10:40,

Namaste fellow Pagans.
Namaste is an old in word meening "Spirit in me greets Spirit in you." This is a great site. A good place to visit and learn. I am always looking for new things to learn that help me along my path. Until we meet again, may the Great Spirit bless all of you, blessed be.

Posted by: Morganna Reddragon at8-18-02 3:22PM EST,

Thisz looked like a nice site. I was disappointed to see everything so out of date. Please e-mail me if you have any current offerrings. Blessed be.

Posted by: heather at, http://your_website

Hello i love the website. Im heather, an English witch living in Scotland

Posted by: The Little Blond Witch at12:38 AM 8-24-02, I dont have one

Thank you , this is a treat! You have taken much care and thought to this website. It is a wonderful gift that you give. It makes me very happy to know that from time to time I can come here. Thank you, again. Merry Part, Chery

Posted by: troy parkhurst at 21:30:38 P.M. on 8/26/102, http://your_website

cool site but i think we should all forget the burnning times no affence to thoses who were affended but live and let live we have matured and so have those that aren't into our belief system anyways cool site reach me at the sddress above and if possible add me to your MSN peace and gods and goddesses bless you ! :)

Posted by: Joan E. Harman at 20:51:25 P.M. on 9/1/2002,

I would like to become a member and visit to chat, etc.
What can I do about that?

Posted by: Joan E. Harman at 20:57:22 P.M. on 9/1/2002,

What I find very interesting, much of Christianity is born of pagan roots. The New Testament could have considerable pagan influence. The "Christian" holidays have a complete pagan influence. The sacrifice of Christ on the cross is echoed centuries earlier by a very similar sacrifice involving pagan gods. But today, Christians would have it that all things pagan are bad. Then what do they do about their particular history?

Posted by: charity lynn baker at sept. 20, 2002 11:07 pm est standard time, http://your_website

very informative web site i commend you

Posted by: charity lynn baker at sept. 20, 2002 11:07 pm est standard time, http://your_website

very informative web site i commend you

Posted by: Jonathan Huckabay at sept 27th 2002, http://your_website

hey, I have been apart of your assosiation for quite some time now....

Posted by: Coolwater at 10:04am 10/01/02,

Great site! It shows that you put a lot of time into it.

Posted by: Chaz Harris atOctober 3, 2002 27 days till samhain 4:46,

I loved this site!

Posted by: Chaz Harris atOctober 3, 2002 27 days till samhain 4:46,

I loved this site!

Posted by: wardell brooks at,

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Posted by: charity lynn baker at oct 28 10:50pm cst, http://your_website

just wanted to let yall know that this is the best website ive found containing the knowledge ive been looking for. i send my friends to this site if they have questions or are just curious.

Posted by: reza ataei seresht at november/5/2002,

Posted by: Pajda Tímea at14/11/2002,

Hi! your web is really great, I am very interested in Celtic culture and you can help me very much. Thanks!

Posted by: Rachel A Connor at 10:09PM 11/15/02, http://your_website

Posted by: Moonlight Morgan atNov. 16, 2002 - 5:52 pm EST,

Cool site, I am not a member but it looks very interesting. I might become a member in a few years when I live on my own. I am living with my parents and although I can practice Paganism, I don't think they would like me paying for services.

Posted by: Margo LaSaine Roberts at11/17/02,

Posted by: Margo LaSaine Roberts at11/17/02,

Posted by: Jackie at 11-24-02 12:55AM, http://your_website

I have been searching for a home for a long time now, your site welcomes me so warmly and covers so many of my interests. I can hardly wait to join with you and began my education. I will be back.

Posted by: linda vivers at 8.30 pm 16/12/2002, http://your_website

Great site,much learning in this site it was very welcoming,Would love to hear from other solitary witches,Blessed be...gypsy dancer

Posted by: Austun Lee Carmichael at 12/15/02 5:12 p.m., none

Where is this place? How can get to be in it since my mom said yes?

Posted by: chrstopher bradley mauldin at 1:38 1-13-03,


Posted by: chrstopher bradley mauldin at 1:38 1-13-03,


Posted by: WolfCat at 01/20/2003 3:45pm

I really enjoyed my visit...

Posted by: gea de vos at 24-01-2003, http://your_website

hello, I was surfing the web when i found your site. I am Gea and i am wicca. I am from holland and I have a question. on june 6 2003 i will be married to my fiance. But we are looking for some one who can tell me a bit more about the celtic wedding ceremony's I am wicca and I know the wicca way of mariage but my fiance and i prefere a celtic wedding. who can help me on that Thank you gea

Posted by: William Edward Rawls at Sunday February 16 2003 12:35 PM CST, http://your_website

i enjoyed visiting your community it is good to see that there are places that those of us who do not forget can go and learn from our elders and teach our students. It has truly been a dificult journey for some of us upon our paths and there are times when we feel that we cannot go on i am just so elated to see that thee are places where we can go for a little inspiration and support. May the Mother bless and keep you

Posted by: TonyFaunus at 27 feb 2003,

Wise ones... I just want to let you know, how much I did enjoy my visite to your site. The Celtic history is to complex to describe in written words, but you did perform a good work. Anyhow as a son of one of the 7 celticlands (braccari tribe)I do wanna thank you for the wisdom of your words. Green greetings

Posted by: TonyFaunus at 27 feb 2003,

Wise ones... I just want to let you know, how much I did enjoy my visite to your site. The Celtic history is to complex to describe in written words, but you did perform a good work. Anyhow as a son of one of the 7 celticlands (braccari tribe)I do wanna thank you for the wisdom of your words. Green greetings

Posted by: Malykorne at 3-11-03 5pm P,

Posted by: Böny at,

Greetings and Merry Meet! Congratulations on a wonderfully warm, friendly and informative site - I'll definitely return soon! I come from
Ayrshire, Scotland, where I join in ceremonies with our local Druid order: The Druids of Albion (usually held on the banks of Lochwinnoch - weather permitting!) Anyone from that area wishing to find out more should feel free to contact me or browse the 'Links' section of my website. Anyway, keep up the good work! Blessed Be, Böny

Posted by: Becky Chamberlain at 8:57 A.M. 3/14/03, http://your_website

Posted by: Vernon Chumbley at 1:29 pm 3/23/03,

Excellent Site! :)

Posted by: Taryn at 24-03-03,

Hello I'm a new member...Celtic Shaman & Druid living in the heart of
England. I found your website after I was told to type in 'Summerlands' on my search engine by my guide on a journey I undertook. You were at the top of the here I am. The site is really interesting and very well put together. I'm sure my partner and myself will spend many a time exploring the different levels...bright blessings from Taryn & Stuart

Posted by: Farhan Minhas at12:47 pm & 30-3-2003, http://your_website

Posted by: Sadie marie Kettle at31/o3/03 20:16, http://your_website

i would like to concratulate u on this great website! uv done urself proud! im of a welsh celtic pagan religion and am pleased with this website1 i needed information for my G.C.S.E art project, about my religion and found some interesting things!!! so in the words of my for farthers and mothers, and the language spoken to me ever since i was a baby!Diolch i chi a yn dda wedi gwneud!! meening thank you very much and well done !!!!!!! xxx sadie xxx

Posted by: jerrymaiya at time is 11,oq date is 28 aprir
yourname@your_e-mail.domain, http://your_website

2003 email.guestbook contact

Posted by: ralph@mccabe at 4-28-03,

I enjoyed your presentation. Thank You


Posted by: Jehana at5/2/03 and 7:20 PM,

Ok. This is like totally freaking me out because Jehana Silverwing has like my name. And I just want to know more about her. Pls. tell me more about Jehana Silverwing.And I love your website!!!!


Posted by: Thomas M. Cosgrove, Jr. at 11:03 P.M. Sunday, May 18, 2003,

(From An Cli'un... now An_Cli at the Summerlands... a very nice promotion, indeed!) Hello, Friends! I've been away, but never gone. I've checked in regularly, but not frequently, due to life's demands. I simply want to say that I'd love to be reconnected to you all, again, and need frequent reminders to do so... you know, like harrass my ass to volunteer for something, or bury me in email. Phone me at ALL ungodly hours, and generally make me feel welcome, again. That'd be cool. I'm amazed at how much time has gone by. I'm amazed I've been Drai Allta for so long... My best to you all!