(Temple of the Animals)

Debbie grew up Southern Baptist in the Deep South and has spent the last 15 years on the path from there to here. In a search for traditions that pre-dated the Protestant Reformation, she delved into Catholicism and spent several years as organist and choir director for a small Catholic church. When that still didn't "fit," she started digging into religions with a more ancient base. Wicca held her attention for several years of study, but still never quite fit... She always felt like she was bending somebody else's religion to suit her. In early 1998, she has begun to study Celtic Paganism and finally feels like she's found her spiritual "home"... fitting nicely with a lifelong fascination with the family's roots in Scotland. When pried away from the keyboard, Debbie manages a 50-Mac network for a publishing company, and writes Applescript, VBA, and dabbles in Perl and Javascript.

Debbie has been owned by one or more pets for most of her life. Her formative years were spent with small dogs, but she graduated to larger dogs and a Tennessee Walking Horse during college. Cats came later, but will probably always be a part of the household in the future. Current critter count: three domestic longhaired cats (Phantom, Errand and Garion) and two Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers (Chase and Bretta). The dogs are trained (and shown!) in obedience and field work and Debbie even occasionally ventures into the conformation ring with them. The rest of the time, they hold Favored Couch Dog status and provide comic relief from a life that is much to wrapped up in computer screens and data printouts.

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