What is a Brughaidh?

A Brughaidh (pronounced "BREW-ee") is a person who operates a Bruidhean (pronounced BREW-een) which is a hostel, an inn, a way-station, and a generally great place to receive hospitality. A Brughaidh is a symbol of the tribe's hospitality. They assume the honor of the people of their clan to see to your every need when you are within their land.

Oh weary traveler, a Brughaidh is your host in The Summerlands. In ancient times their task was to provide you with a choice of three resting places for your weary bones; a cheerful drink from any of three vats of ale, mead, or brew; a meal from any or all of three simmering cauldrons. Here in the Summerlands your Brughaidh's task is to make you welcome, show you around, and answer any of your questions. The three marks of a Brughaidh are: hospitality, good cheer, and good times; and, best of all, there is no charge for their services.

Ask any Brughaidh and they will tell you what a pleasure it is to have you travel into The Summerlands. Each of our many sites has its own Brughaidh, who will cheerfully see to your needs and ensure your stay is a pleasant one.

What is a Brughaidh, you ask? Not hard to say ... a Brughaidh is your host within our Blessed Land and your doorway to the hospitality of our world.

Ta' Fa'ilte Romhat! A Welcome Before You!

Your Summerlands Chieftains are:
Searles O'Dubhain (Webmaster, An Daire Drai'ochta, Aonach Ceilteach)
Deborah O'Dubhain (Administrator, Tower, Kitchen Witch Inn, Claddaugh Ring)

Your Summerlands Brughaidh are:
Beirdd (The Summerland Sun Newsletter, An Ceilidh Barda)
Daibhaid (The Enchanted Hand Craftguild)
DebbieG (Temple of the Animals)
GreyWolf (The Rowan Leaf Book and Music Store)
Jehana Silverwing (Brugh of the Star River and The Picts)
Jenny Gibbons (Hall of Remembrance)
LadyHarp (Sanctuary of the Sacred Fire)
Topaz Owl (Garden of Avalon)
Treva (Women's Lodge)

Places to Go, Things to Do, People to See:

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