(The Garden of Avalon)

TopazOwl is an "old soul" of Irish, Scottish, and Native American descent. She has always had some talent as a Seer and was being named a witch by others at the tender age of thirteen. She has been a practicing Druid for many years, the Gods having set her feet on that path long before she even knew what to call it. She has studied mythology, history, psychology, anthropology, literature, education, and animal science/biology. She considers herself both a teacher and a student. Her arcane talents include dreamwork, walking between the worlds, animal-speak, and divination. She has been Anamcara in the past to animals and some people; she feels that serving in this capacity is her calling and her contribution to the world this time around, and she continuously works to improve her skills in this area. Hosting the Garden of Avalon has given her further cause to explore the vast reaches of the Otherworld so that she might share what she has experienced there with others. topazowl.jpg (34473 bytes)

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