The Public Library:

Our Public Library is located at the Crossroads. It contains wonderful things that we have found (and gotten permission to use on our site) from all over the net. This Public Library is open to anyone who would care to download its contents. It is not a Summerlands members' exclusive library. If you have material which is public domain or that is your intellectual property and you think would fit in well in the Summerlands Public Library, contact Searles at and let him know what you have to add (no guarantees ... but we're always on the lookout for quality additions for our libraries).  Submission and acceptance into our library follows the same procedures and high quality standards of the best Pagan publications. Become a published Pagan author at The Summerlands!

The Summerlands Library Complex:

  • The Main Library - Your trip through The Summerlands Library system begins at the Main Library.  From there you can go to any of the Branch Libraries or to the Ancient Texts Repository.  All files that are not 'site specific' but which we feel of value to the community can be found at the here.  Your Librarian is Aurora at
  • Branch Libraries - Each of the individual sites will have what we think of as a "Branch Library". These will contain files that are specific to that site. For instance: the library at Airmid's Apron will reference herbs & plants; at the Well of Sla'n will be health and healing specific files; at The Hall of Remembrance library you can find files pertaining to The Burning Times and historical witchcraft. These Branch Libraries are all tied in to the central computer at the Main Library  so that all searches will also include files located in the Branches. Contact the individual site Searles or Aurora if you have any questions.

    File Submissions - Any member of The Summerlands may submit a file for consideration to any of the Libraries. Submission does not automatically mean acceptance however. We reserve the right to decline any file or manuscript submitted to us.  We review everything very carefully to ensure that our libraries are filled with only the best files and resources that we can obtain.  We thank you for your submissions and for your understanding of the process.  There will be a file submission form with submission guidelines and instructions located at The Main Library page and at each Branch Library.
  • The Ancient Texts Repository (ATR) - The ATR is filled with all of the ancient texts and old out of print scholarly manuscripts that we can lay our hands on. If you are looking for that hard-to-find copy of 'The Poet's Secret' or 'Review Celtique', this is the place to go look. Your Brughaidh is Jenny Gibbons at jenny@summerlands.comThis site is not yet open, we just wanted to give you a heads up that it was coming.

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