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Lake Titicaca

The Incas believed that the Sun and the moon emerged from two islands on this lake located in current-day Chile.

Fifth constellation in our zodiac, Leo the Lion can be made out by the shape which resembles a backwards question mark. The Babylonians as well as the Greeks considered this constellation to be a lion.

The seventh constellation of the zodiac, Libra represented the scales of justice to the Babylonians. The Greeks called this set of stars the Claws.
light year

The distance light can travel in one (Earth) year. (5.88 x 1012 miles or 9.46 x 1012 kilometers.)
Little Dipper

Local Group

The name for the cluster of galaxies which includes our own Milky Way. This cluster is considered a "poor" cluster, as it contains only about two dozen galaxies located over a diameter of about 3 million light years.

First constellation of the zodiac to the Assyrians, the name means "Hired Laborer", and is equivalent to Aries.
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