This list is by no means all inclusive ... it is just a general overview and quick scan of what we, as the leaders of this community, are and are not about. This list is compatible with many, but not all, pagans' beliefs. One of the good things about paganism is that we are not all cookie cutter critters. Different beliefs are fine as long as the people holding them respect the beliefs of the other members of the community. We welcome you to share your Ways with us.

We believe in a Creative Deity.
We believe in many Gods and Goddesses as faces of our Creator.
We believe in Reincarnation.

We believe in the Sanctity of Nature.
We believe that Spirit is in everything and is all around us.  We are all connected.
We believe we are a Spirit who inhabits a body rather than a body that has a spirit.

We believe in the Equality and Balanced Working between Men and Women.
We believe in Honor, Truth, and Justice.
We believe in a Three-Fold Law which says that anything we do, positive or negative will return to us 3 times over.

We DO NOT -- believe in (let alone worship) a "devil" or "hell." Ours is not a religion based on fear or punishment or a desire for power over others. (contrary to the Religious Reich's propaganda that we've heard and read)

We DO NOT -- "molest children," "torture animals," "drink blood," "eat people," or "worship evil" in any form. (again, contrary to the Religious Reich's propaganda that we've heard and read)

We DO NOT -- proselytize our beliefs, nor do we seek to make converts to our Ways. We believe that no single spiritual path is superior to another, providing it is right for the person following it, AND it is not forced on anyone else.

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