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The Ancients knew the stars by sight. Every nuance of the heavens was tracked and observed. It was with this knowledge of the stars and the planets, as well as the Sun and the Moon, that our ancestors tracked the clock of their lives. When to plant, when to pasture, and when to sail, were all determined by the stars and the signs of the sky.

At The Brugh of The Star River, this knowledge is brought to earth and carved in stone. This is the place where science meets the intuition and the mind makes Magick. Besides keeping an eye toward current astronomical phenomena, the Brugh of The Star River will be a place to explore cosmological myths and legends from around the world. We will also attempt to decipher the purpose of old megaliths and other ancient structures and carvings whose construction and use may have revolved around the positions of the sun, moon, stars, and planets.

The imagination and aspirations of the Ancients, then as today, were often expressed in a yearning to understand the unbounded panoramas of the sky, and in a need to reflect their cyclical patterns here on Earth. Your head stargazer and Bruighaidh is Jehana Silverwing.

Coming soon... an addition to the Brugh... a section dealing exclusive with the Picts!