The Picts are the precursors to the ancient Scots.  They were the people who inhabited the Northeast part of what is now Scotland and who intermarried with the Irish to create the race that we know as The Scots.  Very little of their physical civilization remains for us to explore.  We have ancient stones and sites, but no documents... and no Rosetta stone to help us decipher their symbols on the stones they left.  And yet, they made an important contribution to who we, as Celts... particularly as Scottish Celts, are.   Come and explore what is known and what is being discovered about these enigmatic ancestors of ours.  The Picts are located in the Brugh of the Star River ... which is our Archeoastronomy section.  We figured where better would they feel at home than among the stones and the stars!  Jehana is the Brughaidh for the Picts and also holds the Pictish Discussion Group on the 5th Monday of the month.