As the seasons change and the Great Wheel of the Year turns, people go about preparing for the great festivals and for their monthly rituals.  But what about all those 'between times'?   The day to day rituals of home and hearth that sustain the family throughout the year ... the 'granny magick' or folk ways that were used by our ancestors, or might have been handed down through the years from mother to daughter. The new ways that we find to work in concert with nature in and around our homes and lives.

If you are interested in folkmagic (aka Kitchen Witching), then come to the Kitchen Witch Inn.  Share your recipes for good things from your hearth.  Share and learn others' ways of doing things.   Pick up a few choice tips for making your home more magickal, or more protected.   Learn how to craft things for home and ceremonial use.  Get in touch with that little kitchen witch in us all <G>.

Your Bruighaid and resident Kitchen Witch of the Summerlands is Deborah.