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We are so happy to be able to announce that The Hilmaine Marketplace is open for business!!!  Hilmaine means "many treasures" in one of the old tongues... and that's what we think we have here.  A place where you can indeed find many treasures.  Currently, we have open:

  • The Rowan Leaf - Books, Music and Videos:  The Rowan Leaf is an associate of  Plus, we are working to get our own books and materials for sale there on a direct basis.  This was originally GreyWolf's baby and he has been scouring the bookstores and music/video shops to find specialty items to include in this great store.  He did a great jon and we are eternally grateful to him for the detail and insight of his selections. If you want something special email us at and we'll gladly try to accommodate you.

These stores were open in the past but are now closed. If there is sufficient interest, we will re-open and expand them:

  • Airmid's Apothecary:  These are some of the purest, strongest and best herbal tinctures and essential oils that we have ever found.  There are currently Single Herbal Drops, Blended Herbal Drops, Deva Flower Remedies and Essential Oils offered.  We are working to get bulk dried herbs and pre-formulated herbal capsules and tablets available for you.
  • All My Cauldrons - Soaps and Scents for the Discerning Pagan Celt:  If your senses need some reviving try these luscious soaps and bath salts.  They are positively edible they smell so good.  All natural and hand made by a lady we know in Chattanooga, Tennessee, we think these are some of the best soaps we've ever used ... definitely something to lay back and enjoy at the end of a busy day.
  • The Enchanted Hand Craftguild:  Currently we only have a couple of items in this at the moment, but stay tuned as this section grows and is filled with some really great handcrafted, one of a kind items.
  • The Paper Pagan:  We got tired of looking for good Celtic and Pagan cards for 'the moments of our lives' so we're starting our own store and making them ourselves.   We have several in production and they should be up on the site shortly.  Stay tuned for further developments here.

We have all kinds of plans and ideas for things to put in the shops and stores that we want to add to the marketplace, but we figured we'd start with these and get our feet wet before adding any more to the mix and Deborah has been gleefully discovering that there must be an old Scottish haggis merchant somewhere in her ancestry because she is having a ball finding all these wonderful goodies for the Marketplace.

So, if you're looking for something special or have questions about The Hilmaine Marketplace, give Deborah or Searles a shout at  Just let us know what kind of items you'd like to see in the marketplace.  Our only requirement is that they be first class all the way, and preferably not found on every other Celtic/Pagan site on the net. We want 'many' but we also only want 'treasures.'