Briathra (Siolla Amháin)
Verbs (One Syllable)

Failte Romhat, this section explains the conjugation of what is sometimes called type one verbs. This means regular verbs with only one syllable. The conjugation is actually quite easy and consists of adding the following endings to the root of the verb (the root is what the dictionary will list).


1p Sg. (I) -(a)im  1p. Pl.(we) -(a)imid
all other persons -(e)ann
Impersonal -t(e)ar

If the root consists of CV'igh (Consonant slender Vowel +igh) drop the -igh before adding the ending. If the root has CVgh, drop the -gh and lengthen the vowel. Mar shampla, if the vowel is i change it to í and add the ending onn.

Caol le caol agus leathan le leathan.
(Slender with slender broad with broad)


Cuir (put, place)
cuirim cuirimid
cuireann tú cuireann sibh
cuireann sé cuireann siad
cuireann sí cuirteann
téigh (go) 
téim téimid
téann tú téann sibh
téann sé téann siad
téann sí tétar
dún (shut, close) 
dúnaim dúnaimid
dúnann tú dúnann sibh
dúnann sé dúnann siad
dúnann sí dúntar
léigh (read) 
léim léimid
léann tú léann sibh
léann sé léann siad
léann sí létear

Briathra (Dhá Shiolla)
Verbs (Two Syllables)

This section talks about type two verbs. These are verbs with more than one syllable. When the verb begins with a vowel, the last syllable is dropped. If it ends in l, n, or r, syncope occurs. Syncope is a technical word for the loss of medial vowels when they occur in unstressed syllables.
mar shampla:
oscail > oscl-  imir > imr-
1p sg. -(a)ím 1p Pl. -(a)ímid
All other persons -(a)íonn
impersonal -(a)ítear


ceannaigh (buy, purchase) 
ceannaím ceannaímid
ceannaíonn tú ceannaíonn sibh
ceannaíonn sé ceannaíonn siad
ceannaíonn sí ceannaítear
imir (play) 
imrím imrímid
imríonn tú imríonn sibh
imríonn sé imríonn siad
imríonn sí imrítear

Cúram a hAon  

An féidir leat na briathra seo a réimniú?
Can you conjugate these verbs?

 Here is what you do. Select one of the verbs, type in your conjugation (including pronouns) and then click the cinntigh button to confirm your answer. Don't forget that accent marks should be typed a/ = á. After you are finished memorize the verbs and then go on to the next cúram to use the verbs making "liturgical style" phrases.

feic (see) tuig (understand) íobair (sacrifice)
tairg (offer) oibrigh (work, operate) smaoinigh (think)

Memorize the verbs above and then go on to the next task. 
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