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Irish on your Own Irish on Your Own
Type of Irish: Ulster
Author(s): Éamonn Ó Dónaill and Deirbhile Ní Churraighín
Contents: 7 tapes, Full color book (30 units and 251 pages)
This is a wonderful course in the spoken Irish of Ulster. The full color book comes complete with seven audio cassettes. Nearly all the material in the book appears on the cassettes. This alone makes it worth the cost. The student has the opportunity to hear each phrase and each vocabulary word that is introduced. There is not much focus on grammar, however there is a good grammar section located at the back of the book.

Teach Yourself Irish
Type of Irish: Standard (with a tendency to Munster Irish)
Author(s): Diarmud Ó Sé and Joseph Sheils
ISBN: (with cassetes)084423651 (without cassetes)0844238007
Contents: 2 tapes, illustrated book (20 units and 316 pages)
I think this is by far the best choice for the true beginner on the Gaelic path. It is not as boring as Learning Irish and also doesn't force you to use only the verb "to be" for the first 5 lessons or so, as Learning Irish does. However, it does not have as much focus on grammar points as it should. If you are serious about learning Irish I would recommend that you purchase this book and the Collins Gem dictionary. Then, after you have finished this book purchase Learning Irish and a Gaelic only dictionary. The cassettes that go along with this title are invaluable. If you purchase this title without the tapes you are doing yourself a disservice.

Learning Irish Learning Irish
Type of Irish: Cois Fharraige dialect of Co. Galway
Author(s): Michael Ó Siadhail
ISBN:  (book only) 0300064624 (cassettes only) 0300064632
Contents: Book Only (##lessons ##pages) Cassettes Only (4 tapes)
This book is one of the most extensive introductions available. It has one major flaw, it's boring as heck for the first 10 lessons or so. But there is a good reason why it is a classic. It teaches one of the most documented Gaeltacht dialects. This makes it a winner in the contention for best book here. The need for understanding standard Irish is immense for the beginner, but without  focusing on one dialect to model his or her speech on the learner may have a hard time understanding everyday Irish in the Gaeltacht. The cost of the book and cassettes may seem considerable, but remember this is an investment for your learning. The Cois Fharraige dialect has a pronunciation that is quite different from the other dialects. The cassettes will be essential if you want to focus on this variety of Irish.

Collin's Gem: Irish-English/English-Irish DictionaryIrish Dictionary
Type of Irish: Standard
Author(s): Séamus Mac Mathúna and Ailbhe Ó Corráin (editors)
ISBN:  0004707532
Contents: Book Only 244 pages
This is a great little dictionary. It provides a range of examples and a quick reference grammar section. I think it is probably the best and most easily available dictionary for beginners.

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