The Summer Sun      Beltaine 1999
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A Welcome From the Editor  

      Welcome to the new edition of The Summer Sun!  

     That greeting given, I'd next like to thank Searles and Deborah for the opportunity (or is it a geas?) to take on the challenge of the official newsletter of the Summerlands.  Since its last appearance on Beltaine last, under Deborah's capable though increasingly busy hands, it has gone through a few changes. You may have noticed that the name has changed subtly from The Summerlands Sun to The Summer Sun.  Does that mean anything?  Perhaps it's simply an expression of our desire to seek out the clearest thoughts with the greatest economy. Perhaps it merely reflects a longing for that which has said to our inner child since pre-school the magic word "vacation."  

     Whatever meaning may be found in your own longings and interpretations, I hope you enjoy this and future issues of The Summer Sun.  May the signposts, levity, and even occasional irreverence to be found here warm you like the summer sun upon the land, sea and sky!