The Summer Sun          Beltaine 1999
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Letters to the Editor  
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They may be no longer than 150 words. Longer letters will be edited.
Letters offending the common sensibilities of civilized folk will not be published.
To the Editor,  

     How dare you print stories of that infidel Tasheog Glargawretch!  Isn't it enough that we have declared him first target of the Celtic Jihad?  May you wake up one morning with your head soaking in linseed oil!!  
     A tripleblessing to you!  
                                              --Guptha Nabokov  

To the Editor,  

     I am impressed with The Summer Sun even though I have never seen it. You see, I am a  thrice blessed Druide Master born of theprimordial soup from all ages and ancestries known to the infinite gods, etc. etc.  Thus I know everything!  

                             --Master Terton O'Tallywacker

To the Editor,  

     My ogham runes and baseball card tarot have shown that I will be greatly offended by your Imbolg 2000 issue editorial. So I have decided to write to tell you to piss off in advance. I know this will offend you in return. However, I will not respond again.  

                                               -- Pat O'Doul

To the Editor,  

     Good luck with the new newsletter. I'm sure it's going to be great! You do such a wonderful job on everything you do that I just know it will be a wonderful newsletter! Just remember that some people are jealous, particularly those who hang out in pubs all night! You just keep being wonderful you!  
     Hugs and kisses!  

                                      --Your loving Mother  

 The following organization does not really exist.
"Humor. What a concept!" -- Robin Williams