(Brugh of the Star River)

Jehana has been fascinated by the Cosmos since she was knee-high to a telescope, and once yearned to be an astronomer. However, practicalities (namely a dislike of math and a feeble job market) kept her from pursuing this as a vocation. Aside from a penchant for the Cosmos, Jehana's other interests include working with Flambé (a small non-hierarchical coven of eclectics); the writing of fiction, non-fiction, and humor; herbalism; website and graphics design; the study of archaeology; and the development of the 36-hour day. She also has a strong interest in all things Pictish (a pre-Scottish culture). Jehana lives on a wooded acre in Connecticut with her three cats, Titania, Jebu, and Ptarmigan, and would love to visit her recent land purchase (Beinn Lasadh) in Western Massachusetts if we could ever pry her away from The Brugh. jehana.jpg (25516 bytes)

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