(Hall of Remembrance)

Jenny Gibbons is a scholar of Witchcraft, Celts, and things esoteric, as well as being one scrupulous historian. She goes straight to the source to determine fact from fiction. As the holder of an MA in Medieval Studies with a focus on the Christian conversion of Western Europe, medieval magick, and The Burning Times, she is most eminently qualified to guide us all through the history and remembrance of Witchcraft. This is especially true of the times of persecution and suppression. We know of no one better qualified to honor and remember the true lives and deaths of those who have come before us. There is much for us to know and learn about the history of the Wise. There are many to whom we should offer both memorial and strength across time and space. In their trials and torture, we can still reach out and offer them comfort, even now... even then. jenny.jpg (20468 bytes)

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