An Ceardlann Ceilteach

(The Celtic Workshop)

Copyright by Searles O'Dubhain

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At one time, I gave over fifty separate workshops on a variety of matters of interest to Celts, Druids and Witches. I have included the best of those workshops here along with the material that I used to produce them. I am uploading and publishing the workshop here on my homepage, as time allows. The going is slow. Please bear with the slowness of my typing and equipment. I apologize for the fact that many of the topics below are not yet linked (they are ALL written already). They are offered here strictly for your own personal use and *not* for redistribution. I am currently crafting several books based upon this and other materials. Among these books are: A Dictionary for Druids (based upon the Ogham), a system of Ogham Divination, a training manual for Druids and Filidh, a Book of Druidic ritual and incantation. Please enter within and make yourself welcome. May the Gods of my people safeguard us and bless us all.

Druids, Ogham, Divination
Fionn's Wheel and Pathworking
Celtic Fire Festivals
Celtic Music
The Otherworld
Stone Circles, Dolmen, Magic
The Many Speckled Rainment
The Powers of Druids
The Colloquy of the Two Sages
Christ is My Druid
Human Sacrifice

Everything from here down is under construction and not yet uploaded (some URL's don't exist). This is not to say that it is not just is not yet formatted for publishing. The return links are not up for any of the workshops; so use your back arrow keys, please. Please bear with us folks.......Searles O'Dubhain (Bealtaine, 1998)

Druidic Use of Herbs
Journeys on the Wheel
The Charm of Making
Celtic Women
The Arthurian Mythos
The Hallowquest
Finding the Center
Daurdabla, The Dagda's Harp
The Initiation of Lugh at Tara
The Wonder Hill of The Dagda
The Stone People and the Song of the Dragon
Stones and Crystals, Holders of Spirit
The Voice of the Hand Gods

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