The Summer Sun          Lughnasadh 1999
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The Summer Sun Coming Up 

Here is a listing of regularly scheduled chats for Summerlands members
as well as the names of Chat Hosts.
Chats run 9:00 to 11:00 PM EST.

First Monday: Women's Lodge (Treva)
Second Monday:  Archaeoastronomy Club (Jehana)
Third Monday:  Enchanted Hand Craft Guild (Starweaver)
Fourth Monday:  Healing Circle (Branfionn and Tairngiri)
Fifth Monday:  Pictish Discussion (Jehana)

Celtic Studies Classes (Searles)

Coming Soon!
Ogham Divination
Instructor: Searles O'Dubhain
For more information or to register:   Ogham Divination

First Wednesday: Avalon Chat (Topaz Owl)
All Other Wednesdays:  Celtic Roundtable (Searles)

New Member Chat (Deborah)
Pub Night (Infiniti and DebbieG.)

Bards' Hall (LadyHarp)
Druids' Gathering
Every 6th Day of the New Moon
The Summer Sun: Samhain 1999 Issue