The Summer Sun          Lughnasadh 1999
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Letters to the Editor  
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Letters offending the common sensibilities of civilized folk will not be published.
To the Editor,  

     How amusing! It is really too bad that you do not really know whom are your ancestors and to what culture you belong. Whatever they, and it, is, it certainly isn't Celtic. Not that that's a bad thing. I'm just offended by your use of OUR art!!!  
     In all humility--  
                                       --LuLu Llewinsky  

To the Editor,  

     I predict that you will be including an article about Lughnasadh breadmaking as well as dishonoring my good friend LuLu Llewinsky in this issue. I have read this during the oracle of the All High Thrice-Blessed Druide Master! And the Self-Chosen Chief of UDDER told me, too.  Thus I know everything!  

                    --Master Terton O'Tallywacker

To the Editor,  

     Well, all I can say is that you don't seem to be as dangerous as that Wiccan fellow Machismo we mistakenly let into our military. God help us if those gay wiccans ever wake up!  
     Remember to vote!  

                                                 -- Bob Barr

To the Editor,  

     Just wanted to send a letter to keep up my reputation for showing up absolutely everywhere! (Even if I don't have any new news items about those &^%$#@! non-pagan, non-Hindu, non-Buddhist, non-Moslem, non-Jewish...well, you know who they are!!!  
     Loch sloy!  


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