The Summer Sun          Lughnassa 1999
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The Gem Mine

     Here are some more gems dug from among the many on the Summerlands Message Boards.

     All of the following excerpts are reprinted here with the permission of their authors and are protected under copyright law.

     From a post by Searles on Thu Jun 24 20:24:23 1999 on the An Daire Draiochta Message Board:

     If the stones of sacred places are defiled, then spiritually our very bones and our basis in living is also sullied. To attack or desecrate such places is to abuse and defile our grandparents, our loved ones and our deities. Such wanton attacks on sacred stones are destructive of respect and self destructive of life. They should be considered to be an affront to everyone who still seeks the ways of spirit and tradition.

     From a post by TopazOwl on Sat Jul 10 01:01:54 1999 on The Garden of Avalon Message Board:

The Choice

'Enough of this,' she thought,
feeling bouyant as a feather,
'I am old enough to go
into the light,'
the brilliant, shining, welcoming light
that she saw ahead of her.
A thousand, a thousand little people
that looked just like her,
that were her...
how could that be?
But she never stopped to wonder,
as she headed toward the beacon
that would take her home.
A thousand little hers, she saw,
running wildly over the world
on streets like lines on a roadmap
until they reached the end of the road,
the end of the world,
all of them trying to jump off,
jump from the blue-green sphere.
But the pain in her chest returned,
people shouting her name from a long way off,
calling her back from the peaceful light,
The beckoning light.
It hardly seemed a choice: the pain or the light,
the sweet, healing, tranquil light?
She hesitated, remembering,
there was something she loved elsewhere,
the voices calling from a long way off,
urgent now, insistent now...
make a choice.
Pain it would be then,
her chest wrenching and
the next breath a struggle,
one reluctant last glimpse of the light
shining from the distance, farther away.
Sadly, she turned back,
the voices had called her back
from a long way off,
when she was so close, so close
to going home.

     From a post by Treva on Wed Jun 9 15:27:55 1999 on the Temple of Familiars Message Board:

    The boys and I want to tell everyone about Wendy. She was given to us by Milofaille and her family. Wendy is a three toed box turtle and she is awesome. I always thought that as far as pets go, turtles were probably not the most interesting. BOY was I wrong. She has such an incredible personality and definate likes and dislikes. She loves to play in the water, and loves to be sprayed with the spray bottle, as long as its not too close. She LOVES strawberries and isn't real fond of apples, though if she has to she'll eat them. She strongly dislikes lettuce and won't eat it at all. Wendy sits on her human brothers chests and gives all of us kisses. She loves to burrow under the beanbag chairs, so we always look before we sit. She enjoys spending the evenings outside in the grass with us. She has brought the joy of having an animal baby back into our lives, this time without the fear that we will have to give her up.

     From a post by 1 X 2 Willows on Tue Jul 20 16:10:40 1999 on the European Celtic Community Message Board:

    To mediate - to learn and teach of truth and the mechanisms of nature - to balance reality for the benefit of the people and the land with their body, mind and spirit is part of the path of Druids.